Biography Nathaniel Hawthorne

Salem, Mass; July 4th, 1804
Where was Nathaniel Hawthorne born? and when?
Nathaniel and Elizabeth Hathorne
Who were Nathaniel’s parents?
so he would not be associated with his paternal great-grandfather Judge Hawthorne of the Salem Witchcraft Court.
Why did Nathaniel Hawthorne change the spelling of his last name?
2; he was the only boy
How many siblings did Hawthorne have and he was the only…
4; mother
At what age was Hawthorne when his father died? who was he raised by?
Bowdoin College (in Maine); 1821-1824
What college did Hawthorne go to? and what time span?
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and former president Franklin Pierce
At college, his schoolmates and friends included what two famous people?
from 1825-1836 Hawthorne worked on a series of (blank), but spent these years otherwise in seclusion in his mother’s house.
Fanshawe; anonymously; it failed miserably and he burned all the unsold copies he could find.
In 1828, (blank) was his Hawthorne’s first published novel which he published (blank) at his own expense. what was the outcome of this book?
Twice Told Tales; Edgar Allan Poe (who was an admirer of Hawthorne’s works)
This book which was a compilation of his short stories was released in 1837 and it was praised by who?
Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson; Concord, MASS, (who also drew on Puritanical influences); transcendentalist
In 1842, who did he become friends with? where? and what were they?
Sophia Peabody, a fellow transcendentalist
In 1842, who did Hawthorne marry?
3 (Una, Julian, and Rose)
how many children did Hawthorne and Sophia Peabody have?
Salem; an appointed surveyor (of the port of Salem); $1,200/yr.
In 1846, Hawthorne was unable to earn a living as a writer, so he returned where? and became what? how much did he make?
3 years; he was fired; “I detest this town so much that I hate to go out in the streets or to have people see me.”
how long did Hawthorne work as an appointed surveyor? what happened? what did he declare?
Hawthorne’s mother (Elizabeth) ; “The darkest hour of my life.”
On July 1848, who died? what did he say it was?
The Scarlet Letter (which was a huge success)
In 1850, what did Hawthorne publish?
The House of the Seven Gables; after an existing house in Salem, MASS.
In 1851, what book did Hawthorne publish? what was it named after?
President Franklin Pierce; consul in Liverpool, England
In 1853, (blank) appointed him as (blank)
Plymouth, NH; a hunting trip; Franklin Pierce
May 9th, 1864, Hawthorne died where? while on what? with who?
he was initiated into a college fraternity by being placed blindfolded into a coffin as part of a hazing ritual.
The day Julian learns of his father’s death, what happens?
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, NH on Author’s Ridge.
Where was Hawthorne buried?