Bill Gates

What was the name of Bill Gates partner?
Paul Allen
What college did Bill Gates attend, before quitting to start his business?
What game did Bill Gates love to play?
Where did Bill Gates move to after he quit college to start his business?
Albuquerque, New Mexico
What was the name of Bill Gates business?
What type of product did Bill Gates sell?
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What did Bill Gate promise IBM?
(DOS) – Disk operating system
What does Bill Gates want from Apple?
Graphic User Interface Software
(window, icons, drop down menus)
What does Microsoft release that makes Apple upset?
(which is a graphic user interface (GUI) type software)
What does Apple accuse Microsoft of doing?
stealing or pirating it’s GUI software
Describe Bill Gates.
un-kept, obsessive, nerdy, persuasive
Did Bill Gates ever graduate from Harvard?
Yes, 30 years after he quit the first time.

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