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Big Famielies Enjoyable Vacation

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Project Charter

Project Justification

The intent of the project at hand is to ensure that larger families have an enjoyable, stress-free vacation within a reasonable budget. We will explore possibilities beyond the limited amount of people per hotel room, and discover affordable ways to accommodate the prospective families when they exceed the standard limits.

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Project Priority

This vacation is the primary project and should supersede any and all projects until the planning is complete, all accommodations, reservations, and admissions have been confirmed.  The goal of this particular project is to successfully plan a stress-free, affordable, and enjoyable vacation. The vacation will be taken in the summer of 2014. The Vacation Planner or Project Manager, “PM” Mrs.

Project Activities Decomposition

When reviewing the WBS, an individual should be able to decipher how far along the project is, what aspects have been completed, and what actions have yet to be executed. The following WBS should be clear enough to eliminate any and all questions regarding the completion of the individual steps.

Project Control

The following information should cover and control all of the steps that will be executed by the Project Manager, through the completion of the vacation.

Key Assumptions

  1. All motel reservations will not exceed the budgeted costs.
  2. All food that is prepared will be free of allergens as prerecorded with Mrs. Hernandez.
  3. All seats on the flight will be located together, as requested.
  4. All activities planned at the location will proceed in all weather.

Presented and agreed to by the following individuals:

  1. Mr. Horace Byrd __________________________________
  2. Mrs. Tomeko Byrd _________________________________
  3. Mrs. Lewis ______________________________________
  4. Mr. Juan Morales _________________________________
  5. Mrs. Gween Hernandez _____________________________

Work Breakdown Structure WBS

  1. Organization of Vacation
  2. Ensure that all activities, accommodations, and reservations are confirmed
  3. Reserve rental car
  4. Reserve Hotel accommodations
  5. Confirm restaurant reservations
  6. Purchase tickets
  7. Primary Investors Role
  8. Consultation with a primary investor to discuss budget and activities
  9. Determine budget limits
  10. Set deadlines for completion of phases
  11. Compile a possible list of activities
  12. The final meeting for authorization
  13. Secondary Investors Role
  14. Meet to discuss an overview of budget and activities
  15. Narrow down activities by age limits
  16. Confirm deadlines set by the primary investor
  17. Adjust budget
  18. Discuss allergies of family
  19. Review time constraints
  20. Ensure that all reserved activities are within the time frame
  21. Confirm guided tours will be operational
  22. Update activities according to weather forecasts
  23. Change days for outdoor and indoor activities as needed
  24. Guarantee parents alone time
  25. Allow for rest and relaxation

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