Bible Ch5

According to Marxism, christian ethics is simply a tool of oppression. true or false
According to Marxism, salvation comes through the overthrow of capitalism. true or false
Karl Marx advocated for a peaceful transition to communism. true or false
Many of today’s Marxists see economic struggle as the root conflict between which groups
Religious and non religious
blacks and whites
men and women
heterosexuals and homosexuals
Where does postmodernism disagree with Marxism?
it denies science’s ability to discover objective truth
Which does the term “dialectic” refer to?
the cyclical struggle between thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.
Karl Marx was a physical laborer who made his living working on a factory floor… true or false?
What are some foundations for Marxists?
Atheism and Materialism
Who subsidized Karl Marx’s lifestyle and co authored some of his works?
Friedriech Engels
Marxism seeks to abolish what?
Capitalism, democracy, and religion
According to Marx what is the first step toward capitalism?
What is socialism?
everything will be owned by everyone
According to Marx, religion is the what to the people?
According to Marxism what groups oppress workers?
Business owners
Religious leaders
What is the belief that only the material world exists and that class struggles are the mechanism behind social and economic progress?
Dialectical Materialism
According to Marxism society advances through conflict? True or false
Socialism is the abolition of what?
Private Property
According to Marx, evolution isn’t just biological, it is also sociological. True of False
Marxists see the march toward socialism and eventually capitalism as a historical inevitability. True of False
Many Marxist countries allow for freedom of worship, but not freedom of religion. True or False
The goal of Marxism is classed in– inequality through economic revolution. True or False
According to Marx everything in history can be explained by the economic struggle between government and workers. True and False
According to Marxism human beings are merely matter in motion? true of false
According to Marxism, the problem with humanity lies within the oppressive nature of the working class. True or False
According to Marxism, all of human history is driven and explained by the evolutionary drive to eliminate what?
economic injustice
In the 20th century more people were killed under fascism than Marxist regimes. true or false
What are the world’s five Marxist countries?
China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, and Cuba
The five Marxists countries account for 20% of the population. true or false
What is the belief that economics untimely determines the entire course of history?
economic determinism
The highest moral in Marxism is doing good for all people. true or false
According to Marxism, as human beings evolve in their ________ the working class will become increasingly aware of its oppressed state and rise up against those who oppress them.
class consciousness
What is the term Marxists use to refer to the non-property owning class?
What is the term Marxists use to refer to those who own property and control mean of production?
What is the Marxists dream of a future Utopian society in which the state and economic classes no longer exists and all property is publicly shared?
Socialism begins with what?
-heavy taxation
-government takeover businesses
-elimination of law protecting property
What is the belief that whatever advances the cause of communism is morally good and whatever hinders communism is morally evil?
proletariat morality
What is the Marxism worldview?
Marxism is a philosophy of Karl Marx that advocated an Utopian society where communism and socialism are at large. The Communist Manifesto is where most Marxist derive their ideas. They desire that eventually everything will be owned by everyone and the government will have control over businesses. They will attempt to achieve this society in any means necessary, including violence.
What is dialectical materialism?
the belief that only the material world exists and the struggle of the classes is behind social and economic progression
How do Marxist relate to the evolutionary theory?
Marx believed based off of Darwin that evolution could explain human progress and the survival of the fittest and nature. He believed that evolution wasn’t just biological, but sociological. Evolution was an important companion to Marxism. Marxist believe in spontaneous generation.