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Beowulf essay example

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Gangster rap and music, because these genres have a higher chance of having b ad language, profanity, violence, and other mature content. Today the focus Is largely on gangster rap and sexually explicit hip hop lyrics. His music Is know as the music of youth because the number of teenage kids are starting to listen to these genres are increasing compared to previous genre actions. This is making arenas concerned about what their kids are listening to. When children listen to mums ICC with violence and profanity it could influence kids to make bad decisions. Some people may think race isn't a part of music censorship but it plays a huge role. " music included freely expressed surreal desires, clear drug references, and other fee turns that were not as prevalent In other forms of popular music. " says the first amendment website.

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Beowulf essay example

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R& B is dominated by sec. In today's society all different types of music is played and listened to be all different races. Who n R&B's audience expanded to include mainstream white people this became a threat to older whites w ho considered R a threat that med younger people misbehave. "now image there's a shorts, maybe five maybe four. Riding around with his mama list engine to the radio. And a song comes on and not far from being born. Doesn't know the difference from right and wrong. Now I mint trying to make it complex but lets Just say shorts has undeveloped c intent. About the perception of women these days. Is mama sings along and this I what she says 'nigh as, IM a bad pitch, ND IM bad pitch something that's far above average' " this is another lyric from lope fiasco song bad pitch. These lyrics stand out to me because this verse is talking about a mother singing g his to her son who is listening to the radio with his mom at the age of five and is listening to this. I think that when it comes the the radio releasing music there should be censorship and retire CDC should be a n original copy and others could be the censored copies so children won't have to go through this with b Ewing the care and their mom singing along to such degrading song.

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