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The Dragon kills Beowulf, in fight to death. This means a heroic sacrifice for us. His death represents heroism; when he fights with the Dragon he shows the importance that his voluntary sacrifice has to death's arms. It was an individual sacrifice but also a good for community, the Seats would be safe if he killed the Dragon. Beowulf gives his life for himself knowing that his being, soul, name and fame would not remain attached with his body on Dragon's hands. Beowulf also set free the people from the argon and Evil.

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He wanted to be remembered as a heroic and vital man, who preferred to give his life for his own name, instead of dying as a coward. The hero is given a grand funeral. He is sent into the sea, with all his weapons and treasures, and with the company of the Dragon's head and treasures too. This symbolizes his greatness and victory over his enemy. However, the boat is also set into fire. Thus, though he is set into the sea (water and purification) to reach Heaven he is first set in fire (punishment). At regards Beowulf burial a great pyre sinks together in ashes and the body of the great king is all consumed in flame.

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