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Believe: Positive Psychology and Positive Attitude

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One of his most influential essays Self-Reliance. In lamens terms it means, believe in yourself you can accomplish everything. Almost everyone desires to be successful, everyone hopes to live a happy life, but how can we do that. I feel "believe in yourself" is the most important. "Believe in yourself" means a positive attitude. When you wake up in the morning, open your eyes, draw the curtain, enjoy the The great writer Emerson once said, "Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string" in first sunlight of the day. And tell yourself "Have a happy day'.

Just as professor Galbraith ays, miou yourself decide whether you are happy today. Be sure you are happy today. "Then you go to work or study, do it with your full enthusiasm. You should overcome your shyness, your timidity and your tension. Be brave and get courage from your heart, face up to your challenges. Say to yourself, "I'll try it, and I will try my best. " Remember, no one can obstruct your progress. Believe in yourself, you can do it, you can manage it. Always share and show ideas with others, cooperate with others. I have a friend who is happy everyday. She loves talking and laughing.

Her ace and heart are full of sunshine. Her happiness infects everyone around her. Every time I stay with her, I am very happy, Just when I see her bright smile. I admire her, for she loves life so much. Chat with a smile on your face, let people around you know that you are confident and enthusiastic. Yes, you should believe in yourself, you should be confident. I think that true confidence comes from your inner heart. It is stable and will not change with the circumstance. Do what you want to do. Never let your thoughts lay in your diary quietly. That's meaningless. You should put it into practice.

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Believe: Positive Psychology and Positive Attitude

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Never hesitate, do it with all your passion. I read a story about a salesman, who practices laughing for five minutes in front of the mirror everyday before he goes out. He wants to meet everyone with a smile on his face. He becomes a successful salesman. I was inspired, everyone wants to make friends with those who are happy, optimistic and full of enthusiasm. Success needs your confidence, passion and positive attitude; living a happy life needs your confidence, passion and positive attitude. All this needs you to "believe in yourself". So, believe in tomorrow, believe in dream, and believe in yourself!

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