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Being a Good Friend

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Mean Girls Friends are very important because your life would be miserable without them. You need people to talk to sometimes. Sometimes when you’re lonely you just need a friend. Friends are there for you, they need you and you need them. Friends make your life enjoyable. Going behind someone’s back is very wrong and happens at Peters Township sometimes. It can ruin friendships if people find out about their friends doing such a thing.

You can lose other friends and people may not like you if they found out what you did. When new kids come to school they don’t really fit in. We need to help them fit in and make new friends. New students usually don’t have any friends before they get to a new school. When a new student arrives we should make them feel welcome and have a day to know them. If you’re getting bullied all you have to do is bring a baseball bat to school.

Then hit the people bullying you with it. They won’t bully you anymore. You could tell a teacher instead, but I support the baseball bat idea. To maintain a healthy relationship you have to be honest, respectful, and nice. If you’re not honest they can’t trust you. You have to respect them and they will respect you. If you’re not nice they won’t want to be friends with you. You need to do a lot of things to have a healthy relationship, but there easy and simple things.

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Being a Good Friend

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