BCOM Chapter 5

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of Email.
B. Email can be easily discarded when the message does not have to be kept
An email message with the subject “Meeting Notes Attached: Crescent City Grill Launch Party” might use which of the following as its first sentence?
B. Attached are the notes from our Monday meeting discussing the Launch Party of the Crescent City Grill on March 3.
Email messages should be limited to one topic because
C. Chances are the recipient will forget to respond to multiple points discussed.
Which of the following is NOT an example of good email etiquette?
A. Answer every email message as soon as it is received.
When composing an email message
C. present the information in the order it is likely needed or will be best received.
Electronic messages as a communication channel would NOT be appropriate for which of the following situations?
B. When you need to send sensitive or extremely confidential information
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During a business lunch with a client, a colleague calls with bad news about another project. You should
C. excuse yourself from the table, take the call somewhere unobtrusive, handle anything you can handle quickly, and then tell your colleague you will call him back later.
Which of the following is true of cell phone communication?
D. None of the above
A manager is faced with having to lay off some of his staff due to financial losses that the company has suffered. Which of the following channels of communication would be MOST appropriate for sharing this new, given the sensitive nature of the message?
B. Face to face meeting
According to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, firms may check the email messages of their employees
A. to determine if employees are using the email system for legitimate work-related purposes.
Text messaging on a cell phone or personal digital assistant should not be used for which of the following business messages?
D. A less emotional way to tell a subordinate he did not receive a desired promotion.
Which of the following is NOT an acceptable situation for using email?
B. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a current employee.
You receive an email message from a co-manager concerning the negative performance of an employee. How do you respond?
C. Meet with tour co-manager and discuss the employee’s weaknesses face to face.