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Baseline Report Anger Management as a Behavioral

They are on the floor in front of his bed and if he accidental kicks one over it will be in my carpet.The bathroom is attached to his room, less than eight feet away.He took out doughnuts from a drawer in his captain’s bed, which was open and I could see all kinds of snacks in there (no food is allowed in the bedroom) and was watching TV without a care in the world.

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Clean clothes that were placed on a table in his room on Sunday were still not put away, soda cans were lying on the floor and the playpen for the dog smelled like urine.

I went off, telling him that “l can’t do this anymore; you don’t help me take care of the house and tot even yourself. You are lazy, stupid, and hateful, you don’t clean up after yourself or even clean yourself and I feel like I am losing control. ” I start to cry, continue screaming, waving my hands and he just looks at me like a deer caught in head lights and occasionally throws some curse words my way. Slam his door and go sit on the couch to calm down. He doesn’t come out of his room until I go upstairs and we avoid each other the rest of the day.

Intensity a 3 and lasted 9 minutes. Thursday 11/13 (7:15-726 a. M. ) Milk is left out all night again and ice cream is melted all over my counter again. Constant occurrence despite putting up signs in bright yellow and orange in the kitchen to put away food in the freezer or refrigerator when finished with it. I have addressed this more times than I can count over the last three years. I went into his room, turned on the light and began to ask him if he was just stupid or if he was doing these things deliberately to tick me off. He said he wasn’t trying to tick me off but just forgot.

Then he said, “Here we go again, another lovely day. ” I started screaming that I don’t plan to have days like this, I don’t want to have days like this but when you keep owing stupid things that tick me off, we will have days like this. ” He told me to “shut the up” which made me angrier and then I told him that I wish he would go live in a home because he’s driving me crazy. Then he said he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it but it happens all the time and am so tired of dealing with the insanity of his progressing dementia and physical problems on top of his bipolar disorder.

Unfortunately, I tell him that when I am having a tantrum, which I do realize is very unfair since he did not ask for any of these diagnoses. I pray for strength, I pray for understanding, pray for patience all of the time. Intensity was a (2) and the tantrum lasted 11 minutes. Friday 1 1/14 There Were Zero TA entrust in the observation period. Michael got up at a reasonable time, ate breakfast, took his meds, did the dishes and cleaned the kitty litter and managed to be considerate and helpful. I was very grateful today for the peace. Saturday 11/15 p. M. I yelled at Michael to get out of bed and help walk the dogs. I had been calling him since 3:45, letting him know that he needed to get dressed to help. I screamed at him to get out of bed and move his butt and help me. I said, “You stay in bed all day without a care in the world and need some alp. You did no chores today and need you to get up, get dressed and stop pretending that you are my child. I am sick of having to ask you every day for help when you know what needs to get done. NOW GET UP!! ” He did get up begrudgingly, as if was annoying him. Intensity was a (2) and the tantrum lasted 5 minutes.

Saturday 11/15 (6:40-7:20 p. M. ) I was in a great deal of pain from the car accident on Monday, November 1 20th and Michael came in asking me what was making for dinner. Was lying on the couch with an icepack on my shoulder and a heating pad on my back. I told him that he loud have to fix himself something tonight because was so sore from getting a chiropractic adjustment. He started to complain that there was nothing to eat (there was plenty to eat, just nothing he wanted to make). All this time he did not come out to ask me if I wanted or needed anything so I threw a full blown tantrum.

I started screaming at him, “Are you stupid, do you not see the heating pad and ice pack? Do you not realize was in a car accident and could have been killed? Can’t you do something for me for once? ” My voice rose to the level that I believe the people down the block could have heard me. I got myself Off the couch and actually got in his face (l would like to believe it was the pain killers I was on but I have reacted like this in the past when I was over tired or not feeling good) and continued to scream how useless he was and that he needed to find another place to live.

He just looks at me and goes “blah, blah, blah, I’m not going anywhere,” and then I accelerate into psycho mode telling him that can’t take the fact that when I am sick he will do nothing for me but the rest of the time do everything for him. I am not rational at this moment because if I was, I would realize that am wasting my breath. The more he acts like he doesn’t care that look like a lunatic, waving my arms and distorting my face into something scary, the more I realize it is hopeless and start to cry.

He went back to his room to brood and I go feeling more exhausted and with a pounding headache go back to my heating pad and ice pack and fume. Second time was five minutes with an intensity of 2 Sunday 11/16 wage out for breakfast at Waffle House before going to church. There are no expectations on Sunday, except for him to accompany me to breakfast and church, which he does willingly without incident. He is always good on Sundays, which makes me believe he knows what he is doing. We come home, read the paper, and have a nice meal around 3:00, he goes in his room and I either go visiting or have visitors and the day is quiet. It’s amazing.

Monday….. 11/17 7:30-7:52 a. M. Starting my week off, come downstairs only to find all the lunch meat out on the counter, the mayonnaise left open and out on the counter with several dishes, crumbs everywhere and the coffee machine was left on all night. From the kitchen I yell, “Michael, get in here now! ” No response from him. I yell again, “Michael get up and get in here right now! ” He yells back, “What did I do now? Can’t you just leave me the alone? ‘ To which really start screaming, “Can’t I just have one day, just one (forgetting that I had yesterday), what the heck is wrong with you, are you trying to drive me crazy? I start putting stuff away and throwing stuff away, deliberately making as much noise as possible because am now waist deep in a tantrum. Am throwing my hands up scream at how stupid he is and that he doesn’t care about money or how hard I work, that he just is passive aggressive because he is sick and has no one else to take it out on. I could actually record these tantrums and just hit play because the words are always the same when am at a level (intensity) 3. He starts telling me to “go myself and in turn become louder and more insulting myself.

The only reason this tantrum ends is because I have to get ready for work and want to get out of the house and away from him as quick as possible. Still, I managed to rant for twenty-two minutes before finally crying and breaking down. Intensity-3, Minutes 22 Tuesday 11/18 Everything was quiet today. Michael got up and we both apologized to each other about last night. After a really bad tantrum both of us realize that things have gotten out of intro and both of us try harder to get along. Zero tantrums today.

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