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Bach (Acorus Calamus) Essay

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Bach or Sweet flag is thought to hold originated in Central Asia and likely autochthonal to India. found common in countries that surround the Himalayas. As a consequence of cultivation. it has spread throughout the Earth. found across Europe. in southern Russia. northern Asia Minor. southern Siberia. China. Japan. Burma. Sri Lanka. Australia. every bit good as southern Canada and northern USA. Calamus has long been a symbol of male love. The name is associated with a Grecian myth on Kalamos. boy of the river-god Maeander. In Japan. the works is a symbol of the samurai’s courage because of its crisp sword-like foliages. Teton-Dakota warriors chewed the root to a paste. which they rubbed on their faces. It prevented exhilaration and fright when confronting an enemy. In Penobscot places. the root was cut and hung up. Steamering it throughout the place is thought to bring around illness.

hold besides been used as a thatch for roofs. Food and Flavouring: An indispensable oil from the rootstock is used in perfumery and as nutrient flavorer. it has a aroma reminiscent of patchouli oil. An indispensable oil obtained from the foliages is used in perfumery and for doing aromatic acetums. Insect repellant: The indispensable oil is besides an insect repellant and insect powder. It is effe hundred T I ve a tabun I n st house flies. When added to rice being stored in garners it has significantly reduced loss caused by insect harm because the oil in the root has sterilized the male rice weevils. All parts of works can be dried and used to drive insects or to odorize linen closets. Incense: The foliages and the roots have reviewing aroma of cinnamon. They can besides be burnt as incense.

Medicine: In Ayurvedic system of medical specialty. the rootstocks of Sweet flag are considered to possess anti-spasmodic. flatus-relieving and anthelminthic belongingss and have been used for a figure of good grounds. Vacha is considered as a ‘sattvic’ herb which provenders and transmutes the sexual ‘kundalini’ energy. It is forms a popular redress for cough and cold and besides the other respiratory upsets like bronchitis. In natural signifier it is used as cough lozenge. Sweet flag provides assistance to the digestive system and Acts of the Apostless against flatulent gripes. indigestion. and purging. Acorus calamus depresses cardinal nervous system and is a good known ingredient in preparation for psycho-somatic upsets like epilepsy. The blues of Sweet flag drive some insects.

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Bach (Acorus Calamus) Essay

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Sweet flag is a perennial. semi-aquatic and fetid works. found in both temperate and sub temperate zones. It is up to 2m tall. aromatic. ensiform foliages and little. yellow/green flowers with bifurcate rootstock. Plants really seldom flower or set fruit. but when they do. the flowers are 3-8 centimeter long. cylindrical in form. light-green brown and covered in a battalion of rounded spikes. The fruits are little and berry-like. incorporating few seeds.


It’s a Hardy works found turning from tropical to sub-tropical climes. Plenty of sunlight should be available to the works during its growing and after reaping for drying the rootstocks. This species comes up good in argillaceous loams. flaxen loams and light alluvial dirts of river Bankss. The land should be ploughed twice or thrice prior to the oncoming of rains. Acorus is propagated through rootstocks obtained from earlier planting. The best clip for planting is the 2nd two weeks of June.

The river or canal bank where the land is saturated with H2O is really suited for its growing. Timely weeding and hoeing to command the spread of weeds and to obtain good output is indispensable. After each weeding the turning workss are pressed down into the dirt. After 6-8 months. in December. the lower leaves turn xanthous and dry bespeaking their adulthood. The field should be partly dried merely go forthing sufficient wet for deracinating the works. The uprooted rootstock is cleaned after rinsing with H2O and cut into size and hempen roots removed. The cut rootstocks are dried by distributing under the shadiness so that the sum of oil nowadays in it is non harmed.


Sweet flag has been an point of trade in many civilizations for 1000s of old ages. Sweet flag forms a utile adjunct to other quinine waters and stimulations. Its domestic demand is rather big. As the production is much less in India. the internal market itself is extremely possible. Importers. purchasers within the state. processors. traditional practicians. Ayurvedic and Siddha drug makers throng the markets for procurance of this works every twelvemonth.

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