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B2b Supply Chain Discussion

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The B2B supply chain is different from that of a B2C. This is because in a B2B supply chain, the supplying business has very few customers i. e. in terms of the many businesses that can be customers to him, the supplying business is supplying to very few. The reason for this is that whenever businesses are ordering goods and services, they do so in a large quantity. Therefore, supplying businesses need very few good customer businesses to run their business well.

(Hugoes, 2006)Therefore, in the supply chain management of the B2B, the mode of payment is usually on credit because businesses always need liquidity in their business and therefore, they cannot give cash easily and on an urgent basis on the purchase of large quantity goods. Moreover, high amount of physical distribution services are required from the wholesalers/manufacturers because the retailers requires products in large quantities, which he himself single handedly cannot carry to his shop and therefore the help of the wholesaler in doing logistics is highly required.

In terms of the wholsalecentral. com website, they are providing a list of websites through which various wholesalers can be reached. A retailer like Wal-mart would need such a list to reach out to a number of varying wholesalers who are providing different goods as Wal-Mart keeps various products at its store which would not be available with one wholesaler. This list of wholesalers would be scanned by Wal-Mart and the wholesaler providing the best deals would be approached by Wal-Mart stores.

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