Avid college board game

Why should you apply for FASFA?
How many hours of volunteering do you need to get Bright Futures?
What is Bright Futures?
What’s the difference between Medalion and Academic?
How many words must you have in your essays?
How much is tuition?
How much is room and board?
What are the required credits?
What are the different meal plans?
What is the average class size?
What is the distance form home?
What loans and grants are available?
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Does the college accept Bright Futures?
What majors and minors does the college offer that you are interested in?
What SAT is required?
What ACT is required?
What should you look for when researching your college?
What is the required GPA?
When is the deadline for applications?
Can you work during college?
Can you work at the college?
Is a foreign language required?
What clubs are you interested in?
What are some of the colleges traditions?
What sport do they have that you may be interested in?
What leadership skills are preferred?
DO they give out athletic scholarships?
Is a resume required?
Is the college in a city or rural area?
Is the area safe?
What activities at the college are available?
How academically strong is the college?
What scholarships are available?
What dorm details would you pay attention to?
How big is the campus?
Are professors available at all times?
Are there study programs?
Are there sororities? What are they?
Are there fraternities? What are they?
Are there necessary stores, shopping malls, etc. nearby?
What is the typical climate?
Do you like the climate?
Are their available internships?
What is the average student to professor ratio?
What intermural sports do they have?
Is studying abroad required?