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ASVAB General Science Study Guide

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A genus classification contains several related...
Particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom are...
Nasal Cavity
As a human breathes, air is first warmed & filtered in the...
In the food chain described below, which is the tertiary consumer?

Dandelion➡Rabbit➡Fox ➡Coyote

The process by which a solid becomes a gas is known as...
The same as that exerted by the Earth on the Moon
The gravitational force the Moon exerts on the Earth is...
Fungi are organisms that break down dead matter & return the organic material back into the environment for reuse. They're examples of...
273 K
What is the freezing point of water in Kelvin?
Tough elastic tissues found in the joints that connect bones to bones that are called...
High Blood Pressure
Stress, a poor diet, cigarette smoking, and hereditary factors all contribute to individuals developing...
Which clouds are thin and wispy and occur high in the atmosphere?
Fossils are most likely to be found in which of the following types of rock?
Animals that consume only plants are called?
Yellow Dwarf
What type of star is the Sun?
Which of the following is a group of organisms of the same species living in the same region?
Which of these planets is NOT an outer planet?

A) Jupiter
B) Saturn
C) Uranus
D) Earth

Potential to Kinetic
A boulder that begins to roll down a hill is an example of an energy conversion from...
The lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere is called the...
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed
According to the law of conservation of energy...
The Doppler Effect
As an ambulance passes, its pitch seems to change

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