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Before you enter the shop the first thing that Is conspicuous are the well decorated shop windows.De Objection spends a lot of work to create real pictures and put their products In a fitting surrounding.In the entrance they have staff who offered the customers sample food Like Dutch cheese, ham from Spain and vine from France on several stations with special offers.

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While you were trying the samples, they make an offer to get for example three different kinds of cheeses for the price of two. Behind the food stations there were a cosmetic area where stylists were doing the aka up for the ladies for free.

That is a perfect offer to appeal these women to buy The whole sales stuff was dressed in black, so very plain and elegant. The lightning was very bright and the smell of perfume was in the ground floor. For some people that might be disturbing, for some it is a bracing and comforting surrounding. The store used yellow as their main color for decoration, even outside on the rooftop they placed five huge yellow flags with their brand name on it and they also provided the consumer with yellow shopping bags made of plastic. Boxes with special offers were spread around the shop.

There were no high class products on sale, but they put especially the lower brand products on sale. They still had sale up to 50% on some products. Further in the back of the store they placed a DC who played some dance music to enhance the people to feel easy going while shopping. A good strategy, to offer first some food samples and a glass of vine, then some party music, all of these three components create a good atmosphere and enhance the buying behavior of the customers. Each of the high class perfume brands like Channel, Dior and Airman had their own stand.

That was very well presented ND highlighted. On the first floor they had only men’s cloth some of the brands like Tommy Hillier had only one particular product on sale the rest was sold to the regular prices. So it was not especially the sale that attract the customer but more the circumstances and offers around the actual products, that appeals to the customer. As special event and promotion they had Joanna Lumen a Prominent opening the “De Dried Daze Adage” who also played the main actress in their exclusive commercial on Youth for the “De Dried Daze Adage”.

To attract and reach consumers they use social media as a marketing tool. They have their own homepage, blobs and present their selves on Twitter, Backbone, Youth and even an App for the mobile devices is available in the Marketplace and Passport. The second retail store I visit was V. Before I entered the store I walked by the Shopping Windows and they decorated everything in circus style with balloons because the motto on the advertisement signs was “PRINCE CIRCUS”. When I came closer to the entrance I saw a bright red carpet in front of the store and the speakers played typically Circus music.

They had statues made of balloons placed in front of the store. In total they created a funny atmosphere so I felt somehow excited about entering because I was curious about what will happen next. Are they going to have clowns or even animals walking around in the shop? What activities do they have to point out their motto? In the entrance they had two promotion girls who gave away coupons. V had a cooperative a shell gas station. Walking further, the circus flair was quickly gone and unfortunately everything was very common. As decoration they used flags and signs that where hanging from the walls.

In my opinion the decoration was very poor designed and not special at all. In the back of the ground floor you can find a sub- store “La Place” where you find a variety of different foods. I was surprised that even there were no special offers like in the rest of the store. V provided coupons for the “Dried Daze Adage” where the customers could get 20%, 15% and 10% discount on every product in the shop. V offers a wide range of products but compared to Objection the brands are in the lower price segment and are more common like for the middle class.

While I was walking through the store, I was listening to Pop Music coming out of the Store speakers. All of a sudden there was an announcement in Dutch where a male voice announced 40% discount that was accompanied by circus music. The sales personal was not really present, it seemed you were walking alone through the store. V communicates to their customers through different kind social media. They have their own homepage, blobs and present their selves on Twitter, Backbone, Youth and Pinsetters. Just to introduce the company and give you a few information.

HEM has always been close to the “man in the street”, ever since its establishment in 1926. HEM wants to offer quality products to ordinary people at fixed low prices. They are all bout the little things that can make lives more fun. HEM stores can also be found in other countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. HEM has more than 660 stores and more than 10,000 employees. In every store you visit, you know right away: “that’s HEM. ” They have a unique product range, but also the characteristic look and layout in the store. Hems Target group are young and old, rich and poor, men and women.

HEM tries to be all around their customers: in the small handy HEM around the corner or at a train station, a takeaway for lunch or a snack, a large HEM store in the city or the HEM online store. While I was visiting HEM on “De Dried Daze Adage”, I was looking for any kind of promotion, offers, and special ads. But I couldn’t find any of these things either in front of the store or inside the store. When I entered the store, the smell of food entered my nose, because they have a small food court directly at the entry. All the products have the brand name HEM on their packaging.

Also the brand name is presented outside on the building. Their main color is red and how we all know is red a signal color. But to really attract attention with simple. The shopping windows have no decoration. Inside of the store it was kind of messy, some of the shells where quite empty and it looked kind of dirty. The store was not very well structured, products where mixed up. The salespeople were wearing polo shirts with the HEM brand on it, they didn’t make a happy impression, there was no friendly customer contact and they were Just stocking up the shells.

To attract and reach consumers they use social media as a marketing tool. They have and even an App for the mobile devices is available in the Marketplace and Passport. And every two weeks they send out their product prospect by mail with special offers. First of all it was a great new experience acting like a marketer and paying full attention to my environment while I am in a shop. In the beginning I had to get used to it, because I tried very hard to pay attention to everything at the same time.

But I experienced that you have to let the impression come to you Just need to be attentive to your surroundings. The retail store Objection performed quite well with their marketing strategy they really tried to attract the customer with different promotions, even the order of promotion was well designed when they placed the food and drink ample right in in the entrance. They also had a lot of different offers that made it attractive to shop there. They attached enormous importance to give the customer a great and unique shopping environment.

They influence their customer with the commitment of smell, taste, view, sound – they appeal to the senses of the people. In comparison I was very disappointed with V. The circus idea was not bad even if I don’t know what it had to do with this three special days but still it was innovative. But I felt like they started their marketing campaign and then they Just stopped it cause there was nothing more in the store except the poor decoration. With such a smart idea they could have done much better if they had some circus artist inside the store.

Even in such a big retail store they should provide the announcement not only in Dutch also in English. That’s the same with the web site, because I could not find the option to change the language in English. HEM didn’t even participate in the special days, with no special offers customers could be very disappointed. The whole store representation was very bad when you imagine that it’s their biggest store right in the city center. All in all, every shop finds another way to promote their shop according to the “3 Daze Adage”. It is always a question of investing money in such a marketing action.

With the description of De Objection it is obvious that they spare no efforts and money to be eye-catching and appealing to the customer. Another target group than for instance HEM has. That is why they try to impress their customers and offer additional services. A retail store like HEM which offers products in a lower price segment and has another target group does not see it as that important to invest in a conspicuous marketing. The company behaves like already their logo shows: plain and simple. Especially because all shops are located in the same street in The Haste’s city center, they are in direct competition.

You can see how different these shops react on this promotion days of De Objection. While V&D tries to be competitive and reacts with action of “Prize Circus”, HEM does not offer additional specials in their shop. Every company spends another effort on being comparative and appealing. As well every shop insert other actions to attract customers. What they are all doing identical, is the use of the internet, promoting their brands wrought social media, offering online coupons and being always up to date on social portals like Backbone, Twitter etc.

At the end it is always the customer who gives a feedback if a promotion action like this is successful or not. An increasing buying behavior according to the free offerings in De Objection for instance shows the company that the effort they put in this action is worth to them. All shops try in another way to influence the buying behavior of their customers and in my opinion De Objection did the best Job with the most effort. The aim should always be “differ from the others”.

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