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Assignment Tears

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Tears streamed down my face as God had provided solid confirmation that believing in Jesus was the most Jewish thing that I could ever do. " ”Lev Leigh, Messianic Jewish convert (p .

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Assignment Tears

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. 66 The struggle to accept a different messiah than was expected Lauren Winner p. 68 Conversion from an Orthodox Jew to a "JM]" dew to Messianic Jew) "One of the things that happens [when you convert] is, you feel family-less, even if your own family doesn't cast you out....

And so, should you convert again, you lose all sorts of things: ot Just your library and your vocabulary and your prayers, but also your family, all the people who made you their own and who made you yours. It's a good reason to only convert once, if you can help it. Because it is more than Just your religion that you lose. " (p. 70) The special kind of conversion when a Jew becomes a Christian "Jewish Identity' What is a Messianic Jew? "Namely, many Jews do not give up, or refuse to give up, their fundamental identity as a part of Judaism.

They remain observant. These many and steadily-increasing in umber Jewish converts who retain their Jewishness are usually called "Messianic Jews" and are a part of what is called "Messianic Judaism. " (p. 71) Where do they fit into the overall church spectrum? The branches of the church: 1 . Eastern Orthodoxy (The oldest form of Christianity) 2. Western Roman Catholicism 3. Protestantism 4. Anabaptism According to McKnight they are either Anabaptist or Protestant "..

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