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Assignment of Organisation

Essay Topic:

Explore organisational structure and culture LO2 (3. 2): Examine different approaches to management and leadership and theories of organisation LO3 (3. 3): Examine the relationship between motivational theories LO4 (3.

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4): Demonstrate an understanding of working with others, teamwork, groups and group dynamics. P1: (3. 1.

01): Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture P2: (3. 1. 02): Analyse the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture and the effects on business performance P3 (3. 1. 03): Analyse the factors which influence individual behaviour at work P4: (3. 2. 1)Analyse how organisational theory underpins principles and practices of organising and of management P5: (3.

2. 02): Compare the different approaches to management and theories of organisation used by two organisations P6: (3. 3. 01): Discuss different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approaches P7: (3. 3. 02): Explain the different motivational theories and their application within the workplace P8: (3. 3.

03): Assess the relationship between motivation theory and the practice of management P9: (3. 4. 01): describe the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations P10: (3. 4. 2): Investigate the factors that lead to effective teamwork and the influences that threaten success P11 (3. 4. 03): Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within a given organisation