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The Assassin Creative Writing Critical Essay

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He stood alone in the dilapidated old home. The shadows were gathered and the man in the moon was screaming in agony. His face was expressionless, with eyes as sharp as a spinning needle, His skin was pasty white. The television emitted a soft glow upon his face, highlighting his pupils. In his hand, was as blade, long and sharp, The very point was shimmering as he slid the cloth up and down the side of the machete-like knife, he pulled his slimy, greasy lips back over his yellow stained teeth and smiled.

He sat in his armchair in front of the television and slid the knife into the holder around his waist.

Then a loud ringing pierced the silence, He picked up the receiver and a shadowed, scratchy voice began to give him details; "11:45, Elm Street," He carried on, "He's a "6'2"ft dark haired guy; He will be wearing a suit and will be carrying a gun". He was waiting for one last detail "16,000". Then he dropped the phone and looked at the clock, "10:55pm" He left for Elm Street.

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The night was cold; snow fell gently, giving the road a smooth, white blanket. The car engine purred as he sat waiting and watching. The victim was seen, the engine was stopped. He stepped out of the car and began to walk to where the victim's car was parked. Both men were headed to the parked car. The victim was a middle-aged man, shivering in the cold. When they both reached the car, the Assassin walked up to the victim from behind. There was a flash of steel, a blood boiling scream and a final splash of blood. Then there was silence.

6 Weeks later. Punchenello's hotel. It was old and beaten up. Most of the guests were drug addicts, drug dealers or prostitutes. On the top floor were two men; the first was Mr.Punchenello and the other was one of his men, Jack Finito, " He took out Louie, cut a great hole n his back." "We gotta get this guy boss" Louie Punchenello was getting frustrated,

"Ok, ok, ok! I know just the guy to pop him, leave it to me" Punchenello sounded confident that his man would take care of business.

Back at the Assassins home, he was shining his blade when he received a letter that read.

Dear Mr.Payne

I know of your recent doings. 6 weeks ago you did a little job for someone, now I need you to do a job for me. Come to Punchenello's hotel tonight at eleven if your not there, we will come find you. We need your skills Max,

11'o clock.


Jack Finito

The letter sounded fishy so Max would have to have a little more firepower, just in case. Max went to see a man called Alex Gigoni A.K.A "Ammo" he supplied Max with more than a knife. A colt commando, pump-action shotgun and a few Molotov Cocktails.

The clock hit 10'o clock and Max was preparing his weapons, shining his blade. The time flew by and it was soon "10:35" and Max was on his way.

The car engine died and he stepped out, In front of the hotel. He knocked firmly on the door and Jack Finito opened it "Come in Mr.Payne, your late". The room was suddenly filled with men, all armed and pointing their guns towards Max. Reacting almost immediately Max dived out of the room while hurling a Molotov Cocktail into the room. The bottle hit the floor with a crack and a burst of flames flooded the room, it was like a bottle of fire had been opened. Max stood at the door of the blazing inferno, pulled out dual Berrettas waiting for men trying to get out of the smoke; there were no survivors.

Max had been set a trap, but he hadn't taken the cheese, so he was going after the rat, Punchenello at the top floor of the hotel. The elevator obviously hadn't been used in years and there were at least 6 floors. He would have to climb the stairs without being spotted by more of Punchenello's men.

Max flew up the stairs and standing there was Finito, Jack jumped out of skin, "Max Payne! How the hell did you survive that?!?" "Lets just say an angel was watching over me" "Your Finito, Finito" and with that Max pulled the trigger on his handgun and blew Jack away. He carried on flying up the stairs still holding his guns firmly between his sweaty palm and fingers, he came to the penthouse door he could hear heavy breathing on the other side of the door.

He smashed the door open and saw Punchinello on the phone. Punchinello jumped out of his seat and reached for his gun. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" Max said in a cocky voice. Punchinello smiled I think that tables have already turned Max.

Max felt a guns barrel stick into the back of his head leading him into a chair in front of Punchenello's desk.

Max saw him, he was 7ft tall and built like an Ox still pointing his gun straight as Max's forehead. "Hello Max" He said, Max hid his guns around his back waiting for his back to be turned. Punchenello began to speak to Max about how not to cross paths with serious men "We are dangerous Max, please don't think about making any more business around these parts. We own this town now and we wouldn't think twice about disposing of you". The large man in front of him pulled the gun away from Max, and Max sighed a sigh of relief. Punchenello carried on talking, but Max wasn't listening he was figuring out how to kill both of them so quickly that no sound could be heard... then Max remembered his blade... with his knife in one hand and his handgun in the other.

Max jumped out of his seat and drove the 8-inch knife deep into the hired Assassins back killing him instantly.

Max rolled on the floor and jumped up, pumping Punchenello full of lead he could use his finger as a pencil.

Someone must of heard the gunshots because the whaling of sirens could be heard in the distance. Max jumped down the fire escape and ran into the night... then he pulled his slimy, greasy lips over his stained yellow teeth and smiled.

The Assassin Creative Writing Critical Essay essay

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