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Ultimately all connected with one global system that generates many resources for everyone’s use.3.As human activities and practices continue Nexus River, it was more off regional problem for the people living in the community.

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Nutrients and other chemicals that are released into human resources and public areas affect the entire system and causes many changes. They had to spend money on resolving the problem of all of those dead fish and many researchers were Involved In figuring the problem out and reaching a solution. 2.

Systems In this study focuses on Interactions among human systems and those that are found In nature. Basically Interacting components that Influence one another by exchanging energy or materials. For example, the Nexus River. We don’t study Isolated areas of smaller regions because environmental scientists are Interested In larger scale septets and problems, such as the global climate system. Smaller systems are part of larger systems and are ultimately all connected with one global system that generates many resources for everyone’s use. 3.

As human satellites and practices continue to affect our environment and world, we see that these interdisciplinary principles both aid scientists and somewhat cause problems. These principles show us many ways in which we are effecting the world, what factors we are changing. But also with all of these principles, this study gets very large and broad, and soon becomes a huge study. Many conflicts probably occur and even though there might be controversy between one law and the other, they are all needed in this study.

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