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Arts and the Creative Process

Essay Topic:

The main forms of expression in the arts are painting, music, theater and dance.Art disciplines have been in existence from the beginning of time.Man has an instinctive need to express himself.

Thus, this was manifested in wall paintings in Egypt, silk paintings in the Asian communities, Greek sculptures in European cities among other artifacts.


The first dance is salsa.

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The primary element in this dance is weight change. The dancer shifts his or her weight without affecting the upper body. Only the lower body moves to the music. This is normally a partner dance. It is often performed by a man and a woman.

The pace of the dance varies with the drummer’s beats. It can be very fast or moderately slow. The movements in this style are fluid since it was originally borrowed from several other influences (Cooper, 2001).

The second is the Waltz. This dance was conceptualized in the 18th century in Eastern Europe. It is a ballroom dance, where the dancer glides gracefully across the room with a partner. The basic steps are relatively easy to learn. The partners hold each other close while dancing. There is a leader, the man, who shows the follower, the woman, the next step. The third is tap dance.

Here, the performer wears specially made shoes that produce a clear tapping sound when they hit the floor. The tap sounds must vary to create a different resonance with each step (Dolfsma, 2004). The performer must balance his or her weight on the balls of their feet. The feet are used to produce rhythmic sounds.

The final dance is the break dance. This was primarily a street dance. The style integrates suppleness and style. The breaker’s upper body must be very sturdy. The head and hands are most utilized in this dance.


The first genre of music is pop. This is the popular music at any one time. The performers can vary in number. The songs have a melodic chorus that is easy to remember.  However, the songs are arranged in the traditional structure. The second is Rock and Roll. Guitars are the main instruments played here. The music has gained massive popular appeal over the years (Dolfsma, 2004). It is truly motivated by Blues music. There are two types, soft and hard rock.

The third type is Gospel music. It is sung to express faith in Christianity. It is a substitute to conventional music in the secular realm. It is expressed in all other genres. The main theme is giving praise to God. The final genre is neo-soul. It is a fairly recent form of harmony. This music is very poetic. The themes of the songs are usually socially conscious. This music is a combination of jazz and hip-hop.

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