Articles of Partnership

ARTICLES OF PARTNERSHIP OF TONCLINTX PASTRY PRODUCT And T-SHIRT PRINTING SERVICES Know all men by these presents: That we, all of whom are citizens and residents of the Philippines and of legal age, do hereby voluntarily associate ourselves to form a general partnership in accordance with the laws of the Philippines, and we hereby certify: ARTICLE I That the name of our general partnership shall be TONCLINTX PASTRY PRODUCT and T-SHIRT PRINTING SERVICES.

ARTICLE II That the principal place of our partnership shall be in Sta. Cruz Laguna, Philippines. ARTICLE III That our partnership shall exist for a period of three (3) months from the time of registration in the Dean’s Office of the College of Computer Studies. ARTICLE IV That the purpose of the partnership shall be the following: 1. To deal in the business of giving the service of T-shirt design and printing together with sales of pastry products. 2.

To import such kind of service after complying with existing laws and regulations. 3. To enter into such other contracts or do such other acts as may be demanded by the needs of the business. ARTICLE V That the general partners of our partnership shall be the following: 1. Jhean Laurence SimanFilipino149 Sitio Huwaran Brgy. Pagsawitan Sta. Cruz Laguna 2. Kristine SumaguiFilipino098 Sitio Talon, Brgy. Sta. Clara Sur Pila Laguna 3. Nico Paolo CatalanFilipino6781 Sitio 4 Brgy.

Oogong, Sta, Cruz, Laguna 4. Joy Clinton BabaanFilipinoBeverly Hills, St. Maceda Subd. Brgy. Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan Laguna Hereby approved by: CANDELARIA SILVANIA FLORENCIA SUMAGUE YOLANDA CATALANN ______________ ______________________ __________________________________ Parent of Parent of Parent of Parent of Ear Anthony B. Silvania Kristine Sumagui Nico Paolo CatalanJoy Clinton Babaan

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