Arthur Miller’s Biography

Where was Miller born?
What was his father’s job?
manufacturing women’s coats
What was his mother’s job?
What college did Miller apply to? Did he get accepted?
University of Michigan; no
Where did Miller work to make money for college?
automobile parts plant
What book did Miller read while he was working?
Tolstoy’s War and Peace
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What play did Miller write that was inspire by his job at the plant?
A Memory of Two Mondays (1955)
What were Miller’s jobs in college?
mouse tender and the night editor of the Michigan Daily
What did Miller do after graduating?
wrote radio scripts in NY
What was Miller’s first Broadway success?
All My Sons (1947)
What award did All My Sons win?
The New York Drama Critic’s award for Best Play
What was one of the main themes of Miller’s works?
the need for moral responsibility in families and society
Where was Death of a Salesman written?
in a small studio Miller built himself in NW Connecticut
What did Miller make parallels between in The Crucible?
the witch hunt and the “Red hunt” in the 1950s in Washington D.C. by Senator McCarthy
What happened when Miller was called in front of Congress?
found in contempt of Congress but later overturned by the Supreme Court
Was The Crucible popular at first?
No, but the later production supervised by Miller ran for over 600 performances, making it Miller’s most produced play