art test 3

during which art history operation does the historian attempt to discover the qualities of an artwork that determine its artistic style
what is an art movement
describes a group of artists who share a similar style
where do historians turn to learn how time and place may have influenced an artist
history books, biographies, articles and public reviews
what two factors help determine a work success to an historian
expression of new style or technique and examples of the artists full developed style
what kinds of art history question must you answer during description
who created the work. where and when was it done
what should you did before trying to find out how others have judged a world of art
you should come up with your own opinion
what must you have available in order to successfully complete the art history operations.
access to historical resources such as books and articles
where did morisot find her inspiration for her art
her fellow artists
what are the four steps of art history operations
description, analysis, interpretation, judgment
how do these four steps differ when used by art historians and critics
art critics give their opinion on the art. historian bases their opinions on facts
what is meant by an artist personal style and what role does it play in the historians efforts to identify artworks representative of art movements
its an artists way of using the art elements and principles to reproduce what they see and to express their idea and feelings
on what does the art historians focus attention during their painting
the influences of time and place on the artists
when and where, it was created and by whom it was done by
involves discovering the unique features of an artwork that determines it artistic style
making a judgment on the historical significance of an artwork
attention on the influences of time and place of on the artist
the artists personal way of using the elements and principles of art to reproduce what’s seen and to express ideas and feelings
style of painting in which artists captured an impression of what the eye sees any given moments
dots of different colors that makes up a painting
20th century art style in which dreams fantasy and the conscious serves as the inspiration for artists
artist painted the scenes and elements of the region sof america
painted something that looks like exactly in real life
picture of someone
paint of land
painting of the sea
artist try to show all sides of a 3d objects on flat canvas
andy warhol-soup can
mash-up of colors

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