art 101 unit 2

Formal analysis is important because it is helpful in understanding the ____ of a work of art.
Content is about a work of art’s
Iconography uses ____ to suggest concepts and ideas
Feminist criticism deals with ____ in art.
The subtext in an artwork refers to
its underlying theme or message
The ____ tells us what a work of art is about
subject matter
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The study of signs in verbal or written communication is called
The ancient chinese made ____ vessels for storing wine.
Warhol’s work, such as Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup, celebrated the commercial art of
Ritual meals do NOT include
sunday brunch
Greek ceramics are known for ____ painting, in which a thin a coating of black-firing clay covers the red clay of the vessel and details are scratched into the surface with a needle.
black figure
A painting is a work of art, which uses a still life as a metaphor for the inevitability of death
The Venus of Willendorf is a statue of
an anonymous fertile woman
Georgia O’Keeffe’s Works are often extreme close ups of
In Mesopotamia, _____symbols developed into the first writing
When an artist paints thickly and directly onto the canvas, the work is called a(n)
alla prima
Stiff, angular female marble figures from the Cycladic Islands, often called ____, were found in burial sites.
plank idols
There are many symbols in Jan Van Eyck’s The Wedding, including what?
Art used for ritual purposes are never destroyed?
The main area of visual concentration in an artwork is designed to draw our attention to what
focal point