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Areas of Learning

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|Area |Extending learning and development | |Quiet/reading area |The quiet area allows children to develop their understanding of the written word; they learn that words convey meaning and that| | |this is mirrored by the pictures that are in the books. | |They develop interaction with others through the use of books and listening | | |They learn to share and co-operate | | |They learn concentration and self control | | |They learn about the world around them, concepts, ideas and morals | | |They learn to take care of possessions | |Small world |The children learn to role play and to share and take turns with others | | |They learn social interaction and effective communication | | |The learn tolerance and understand of other people’s ideas and beliefs | | |The develop their fine motor skills | | |They learn about the world in which they all live | |Role play |The children learn to role play, to pretend and to accept other’s as part of that pretence | | |They learn to socialise, to share toys and ideas | | |They develop their imagination | | |The imitate talk and behaviour | | They learn to dress themselves | | |The develop their ability to take on a role and develop it | | |They share and take turns | | |They mark make | | |They mimic and copy | |Mark making |In mark making they learn to use different mediums to create marks | | |They develop their fine motor skills | | |They extend their language | | |They make decisions, take turns and share | | |They develop an understanding of the written word and learn that words convey meaning | | |The improve their manual dexterity and hand eye co-ordination | | |They develop their understanding of topics and show pride in their achievements They learn to write, draw and recognise colour | | |They develop control and concentration | |Maths/ICT |In this area they learn more/less | | |They will develop problem solving and logic | | |The children will learn to communicate and develop the use of mathematical language | | |They will learn hand eye-co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills | | |They will develop their understanding of number, counting and it’s symbolic representation | | |They will compare, contrast, match and sort (using various criterion) | |They will develop and awareness of computer and mouse control | | |They will learn to share and take turns | |Craft |The children will use a variety of different mediums to create | | |They will develop fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination | | |They will learn about colour, pattern and texture | | |The will use their imagination and draw upon their understanding of the world in which they live. | |The children develop their creative awareness and independence | | |They will use imagination and problem solving | | |The will develop their social skills, communication and co-operative skills | | |The will begin to develop self-expression , confidence and creative flair | |Outside |The children will understand the environment, learning about weather and the world in which they live | | |They will develop their spatial awareness /gross motor skills | | |The will explore their manipulative skills/sense of balance/agility skills/risk taking | | |The will develop their spatial awareness/fine manipulative/gross motor skills | | |They will develop their hand-eye and foot-eye co-ordination/ locomotive skills | | |They will develop social skills, turn taking, sharing and creativity | | |They will develop their language and communication skills | |They will develop their confidence and awareness of their own capabilities as well as pushing themselves a little more to learn | | |new skills | Whilst the children are learning through their play and through all the skills and areas above we will monitor and support them in order to help them develop in the right way. We will encourage good behaviour and discourage negative behaviour. We will give the children confidence to develop their skill set, confidence and capabilities. We keep a continual record of their achievements so that we can monitor their progress and highlight and areas for special consideration. In this way we will engender high levels of expectation and achievement.

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Areas of Learning essay

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