Are You a TRUE Markiplite? Let’s Find Out, Shall We?

June 28, 1989
What is Mark’s birthday?
What is Mark’s age? (year being 2015)
5’9 3/4
How tall is Mark?
What is Mark’s favorite color?
Texas Tea
What is Mark’s favorite alcoholic beverage for its price?
Amoretto Sour
What is Mark’s favorite alcoholic beverage for the taste?
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What is Mark’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
Chicken and Dumplings from Cracker Barrel
What is Mark’s favorite food and where does he get this favorite food?
Terminator 2
What is Mark’s favorite movie?
What genre does Mark both play and like the most?
Things in the Night
What is Mark’s favorite Amnesia custom story
Wade and Bob
Who are Mark’s two best friends? (his best friend then his 2nd best friend)
Who introduced Mark to Minecraft?
Mark Edward Fischbach
What is Mark’s full name?
How many siblings does Mark have?
Thomas Jason Fischbach
What is Mark’s brother’s full name?
The webcomic called TwoKinds
What is Mark’s brother known for? (other than being his older bro)
Orcs Must Die 2
In what playthrough does Mark introduce his brother?
Unniversity of Cincinnati
What college did Mark go to?
Biomedical Engineering
What did Mark take at college?
Civil Engineering
What type of engineering did Mark do before biomedical?
Who did Mark meet in college that became his freshman roomate?
What does Mark suppose is his favorite animal?
The Dragons’ Lands
What is Mark’s favorite book series?
Not really
Does Mark like Point-and-Click games?
What game does he love but is not his favorite?
What does Mark use to record?
Magic Carpet 2
What is Mark’s favorite game? (as said in one of his Question and Answer videos)
What is one of Mark’s favorite companies?
Asian and German
What two races is Mark half of?
Freddy Wong
Who is one of Mark’s biggest inspirations?
Markiplites or Markiplier’s Heroes
What two titles does Mark refer to his subs/fans?
The Pliers
What does Mark highly not want his subs/fans to be known as? (He claimed that the person that shouts out that they’re a this in front of him will be embarrassing him)
What did Mark read all the time when he was a kid?
What has Mark recently said he wants to learn to play?
Does Mark smoke?
Tiny Box Tim
Who is Mark’s “Little Biscuit”?
Wilford Warfstache
Who is Mark’s alter ego?
Nurse and Wade
What two people are Mark always telling to shut up?
What do some fans prefer to call Mark when he is acting creepy?
Drunk Minecraft
What Markiplier series has the most videos?
What server do Mark, Wade, and Bob typically do Drunk Minecraft on?
Game Grumps
What is Mark’s favorite Polaris/Youtube Channel besides his own?
Kevin Heart
What is a comedian Mark likes that he’s mentioned in a video?
What is Mark’s favorite phrase to say/yell for that matter?
When Mark got bored in his Eleusis playthrough, what did he keep shouting?
Who is Mark’s British friend?
What type of livestreams does Mark do?
How does Mark say room?
His bro tells him 911 gets free icecream. Mark called it and hung up immeadiately and was grounded for about a year after that
What is Mark’s most embarrassing moment and what was they outcome of this embarrassing moment?
Quiet Guy
Was Mark the Class Clown or the Quiet Guy in school?
On an American Military Base in O’ahu (home to Honolulu), Hawaii
Where and on what was Mark Born?
Because he was born 10lbs 3oz
Why did Mark’s parents name him Mark?
The SNES his bro got for Christmas that they played on together
What was Mark’s favorite toy as a kid?
The Squirrels
What is Mark king of?
Like a looooooooooser
what does Mark say everytime? (Example: Mark: “I see you moving those boxes (three words))
what instrument did Mark play in his school band
The Bastard Kiddies
What are the kiddies from Mark’s Happy Wheels playthroughs called?
Couldn’t find him
Where’s the Blacksmith?
Arkham Asylum
Where did the Crazed Butt-Stabber escape from?
Doesn’t have one
Where did Doctor Markiplier get his degree?
Well that can’t be good for the patient.
Finish the quote: “There’s a giant bag of bile in here…
What did Mark distract the enemy players with in his Rust gameplay?
Amnesia Reaction Compilation
What was the title of Mark’s first video on his MarkiplierGAME channel?
Amnesia Abduction
What game was Mark playing in the first video he included a Facecam?
The Cinnamon Challenge
What did Mark do for his 1,000 subscriber special?
April 6, 2014
What date did Mark hit 2,000,000 subs?
What phrase was commonly used in one of Mark’s Prop Hunt gameplays?
“Open the door, get on the floor, everybody do the ______”
Something gets in his eye
What often happens to Mark when he records?
In which game did Mark not say he would see us in the next video?
Cheeze Its
What snack food does Mark like quite a bit?
What did Mark recently change part of his hair color to?