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Arc Assembly and Continental Collision

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Arc Assembly and Continental collision in the Nonprescription East African Oregon: implications for the consolidation of Gondola's The Pan African Organic cycle, Is derived from Kennedy's (1964) term, Pan-African Thermo-tectonic episode to characterize the thermal differentiation of Africa into cartons and into mobile belts during the late Precambrian (now known as Nonprescription) and earliest Phoenician (Paleozoic) In 1981 McMillan argued that Gondola's was assembled from 2 fragments east and west Gondola's and he thought that this occurred along the Monomaniac Belt and Its extension to the north (Arabian-Nubian Shield) In 1984

Kronor refined this term (Pan-African) to be involving a protracted organic cycle from 950 - 450 Ma ( a p of 500 Ma). The tectonics associated with this Is not restricted to Africa alone. Events to similar age occur throughout Gondola's (all the southern continents) but also Laurie (made up of Baltic [most of northern Europe and European Russia] Astrakhan [Central Asia. China and Malaysia, Siberia {475 - 490 Ma} ) and Laurent (North America and Gondola's) with which it collided. The timestamp of 500 Ma is much longer than any Phoenician rookery.

So preference to the Pan-African organic cycle must suffice until the timing and regional extent of discrete tectonic events is better understood and constrained. Uranium- lead dating would be recommended because it has a small error margin of 2 Ma. In 1994 Stern said that with the East African Oregon - Pan African are represented hallmarks of modern plate tectonics. Lunging abundant politesse, calculate battalions and volcanic sequences, and immature classic sediments When it comes to politesse, the horizontal displacements worked out are huge.

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Arc Assembly and Continental Collision

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The politics napes have traveled several 10 and maybe a few sass of kilometers. Pan-African metamorphism has resulting In granulate formations which suggest Cristal over thickening due to continent collision. East African Rookery = 500 Ma North American Cordillera (350 Ma - Present) Mountain Belt stretching from Western Europe to the Eastern Asia (called Sensor [1987]) the Thesis's organic collage Aching thinks that the development or the assembly of Gondola's was more complex than Just bring to continents together.

The Western part was from different parts but the time is what is hard to grasp. politesse, arcs and the size of the Macaque ocean. Stern 94 considers several pieces of evidence. For example the politesse of the Arabian Nubian-Shield (ANSI Wilson Cycle dynamics, spreading and subsection rates and he advances the argument that the Macaque Ocean is likely to have contained the seafloor that was to the order of 100 Ma or older, when it was subjected.

HIS conclusion Is that the Macaque basin was a large ocean basin (area 10000 Km wide) 'Off The collision to West and east Gondola's The east African Oregon in Eke and TX has long been recognized as manifesting an episode of Tibetan style continental collision and Cristal thickening. The most direct evidence of the timing of the collision between continental blocks of east and west Gondola's comes from the age of granulates exposed in the EAI. These granulates 15 - 45 km of uplift and erosion. The East African granulates show where the greatest thickness occurs.

Granulates are not found North of Central Sudan and southern Ethiopia but are common in S, Kenya, Malawi and Macaque. The crust in the southern EAI contrasts with that in the north in 2 fundamental ways. 1 . Whereas the crust to the north is largely intact, and lies preserved 20 or more km pep, in the present day crust, the crust in the southern EAI crops out as tectonic slices we do not know what composes the present lower crust of the southern

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