APUSH Turning Points in History – Flaherty

Event: Treaty of Paris
Significance: End of the French and Indian War
Related Events:
A. Pontiac’s Rebellion
B. Proclamation of 1763
C. End of Salutary Neglect
Event: Declaration of Independence
Significance: Beginning of the Am. Revolution
Related Events:
A. Thomas Paine – “Common Sense”
B. Second Continental Congress
C. Thomas Jefferson
Event: George Washington is elected President
Significance: 1st President of the United States
Related Events:
A. establishes precedents – 2 terms, cabinet, Mr. President, etc…..
B. Bill of Rights – 1791
C. Farewell Address
Event: Revolution of 1800
Significance: 1st peaceful transition of power
Related Events:
A. Jeffersonian democracy
B. Midnight Judges
C. Marshall Court
Event: Marbury v. Madison
Significance: establishes the principal of judicial review
Related Events:
A. Midnight judges
B. Louisiana Purchase
C. Lewis and Clark Expedition
D. Tripolitan Wars
Event: Treaty of Ghent
Significance: end of the War of 1812
Related Events:
A. War Hawks
B. Battle of New Orleans
C. Hartford Convention
D. Nascent Nationalism
E. American System – Henry Clay
F. Era of Good Feelings
Event: Treaty of Guadelupe-Hildalgo
Significance: End of the Mexican War
A. California Gold Rush – 1849
B. Compromise of 1850 –
C. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
D. Gadsden Purchase
E. Kansas-Nebraska Act – Bleeding Kansas
Event: Attack on Fort Sumter
Significance: Beginning of the Civil War
A. Election of 1860
B. South Carolina secedes – Secession Crisis
C. 13th Amendment
Event: Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House
Significance: end of the Civil War
A. Lincoln is assassinated
B. Presidential Reconstruction v. Congressional Reconstruction
C. Tenure of Office Act – Johnson is impeached
Event: Compromise of 1877
Significance: end of military occupation of the South/Reconstruction
A. Election of 1876 – Hayes v. Tilden
B. Redeemer Governments
C. Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Event: Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Significance: Beginning of World War I
A. Sinking of the Lusitania and USW
B. Zimmerman Telegram
C. Russian Revolution
Event: Paris Peace Conference
Significance: Treaty of Versailles
A. Wilson’s 14 Pts. or “Peace Without Victory”
B. League of Nations
C. 18th/19th Amendment
Event: Stock Market Crash
Significance: ushered in the Great Depression
A. Hoovervilles, bank runs and the Bonus Army
B. Dust Bowl
C. New Deal
Event: Pearl Harbor
Significance: The U.S. enters World War I
A. “Day that will live in infamy!”
B. D-Day
C. Battle of the Bulge
Significance:End of World War II
Event: Germany and Japan surrender
A. A-bombs are dropped on Japan
B. Yalta and Potsdam Conferences
C. Creation of the United Nations
D. Holocaust
Event: Brown v. Board of Ed. of Topeka, Kansas
Significance: Leads to the end of segregation in schools
A. Civil Rights Movement
B. Martin Luther King, Jr. – non-violence; civil disobedience – S.C.L.C. and S.N.C.C.
C. Malcolm X/Black Power/Black Panthers
Event: Election of John F. Kennedy
A. Televised debates
B. New Frontier
C. Flexible Response/Cuban Missiles Crisis/Bay of Pigs/Berlin Wall
D. Assassination of JFK
Event: Gulf of Tonkin Incident
Significance: leads to the escalation of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War
A. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
B. Attack on Pleiku
C. Tet Offensive
D. 24th Amendment
E. March on Washinton/Civil Rights Act of 1964/Freedom Summer
F. Johnson is elected President
Event:Tet Offensive
Significance: Johnson decides not to run for re-election
A. Anti-war protests
B. Chicago Riots/Trial of the Chicago 8
C. Nixon is elected – “Peace with Honor” – Vietnamization
Event: Cease-fire with North Vietnam
Significance: end of the fighting in Vietnam
A. War Powers Act
B. P.O.W.’s are to be returned home
C. Secret bombing of Cambodia
D. Roe v. Wade
E. “Saturday Night Massacre” – Watergate – Oct. 20th
F. V.P. Spiro T. Agnew Resigns; replaced by Gerald Ford
G. Endangered Species Act
Event: Fall of the Berlin Wall
Significance: end of communism in Eastern Europe
A. Germany is reunited – 1990
B. Fall of the U.S.S.R.
C. New World Order
Event: Contract with America
Significance: Republicans gain control of both Houses of Congress
Related Events:
A. Clinton more with to compromise
B. Internet boom/.com boom
C. Clinton impeached