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APUSH Chapter 34

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Franklin Roosevelt's ___ contributed the most to his development of compassion and strength of will
affliction with infantile paralysis
The champion of the dispossessed that is , the poor and minoriites in the 1930s was
Eleanor Roosevelt
The 1932 Democratic party platform on which Franklin Roosevelt ran for the presidency called for
a repeal of prohibition
In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt campaigned on the promise that as president he would attack the Great Depression by
experimenting with bold new programs for economic and social reforms
The phrase "Hundred Days" refers to
the first months of Franklin Roosevelts presidency
One striking feature of the 1932 presidential election was that
African Americans became a vital element in the Democratic party
While Franklin Roosevelt waited to assume the presidency. Herbert Hoover tried to get the president elect to cooperate on long term solutions to the Depression because
he hoped to bind his successor to an anti-inflationary policy that would make much of the New Deal impossible
When Franklin Roosevelt assumed the presidency in March 1933
he received unprecendented congressional support
The Works Program Administration was a major program of the New Deal; the Public Works Administration was a long range program; and the Social Security was a major program
relief; recovery; reform
The Glass Steagall Act
created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to insure individual bank deposits
The most pressing problem facing Franklin Roosevelt when he became president was
a chaotic banking situation
Franklin Roosevelts "managed currency" aimed to
stimulate inflation
The _____ was probably the most popular New Deal program; the _____ was one of the most complex; and the _____ was the most radical.
Civilian Conservation Corps; National Recovery Act; Tennessee Valley Authority
President Roosevelt's chief "administrator of relief" was
Harry Hopkins
Match each New Deal critic below with the "cause" or slogan that he promoted
Father Coughlin - social justice; Huey Long - every man a king; Francis Townsend - old age pensions; Herbert Hoover - a holy crusade for liberty
Senator Huey P

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