AP World History Unit III Test Study Guide Answers

Dev. of Core Dependent Economic Zones
Forced labor and European influence tended to generate weak governments in dependent regions, while increased trade revenues tended to generate increasing government strength in core states.
It held that government should promote the internal economy in order to improve tax revenue and to limit imports from other nations.
The mercantilism economic policy encouraged the development of
colonies, particularly in Northern European colonies – Dutch, French, English
Shipbuilding England and Netherlands
Western Trade Good Japanese
Spanish Settlement in America
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Colombian Exchange
was the most rapid and profound ecological transformation in world history
What were major contributions to the Colombian Exchange?
Plants, animals, and diseases
Name whose voyages of exploration opened the way for the Europeans to the Indies. It was in 1488 and they rounded the Cape of Good Hope. The captain of the first portuguese ship to reach india was
Vasco de Gama
What Italian captain sailing for the monarchs of Spain reached the Americas in 1492
Christopher Columbus
Treatment of Indians
Asia: World Commercial Network
Who is generally credited with initiating the protestant reformation in 1517 with his 95 Thesis
Martin Luther
Absolute Monarchy
The Renaissance
Built on commercial economy; artist movement began in Italy; Challenged Medieval intellectuals values and styles; South/North phases.
Western View of Science
the west was not alone in developing crucial scientific data, but its thinkers were the only ones to see science in broader philosophical terms as central to intellectual life
Thirty Years War
devastated the Holy Roman Empire
The far reaching effects of the thirty years war
-established principle of territorial toleration
-reduced german prosperity and power for a full century
-the population of german territory was reduced by almost 60%
-political independence came to Protestant Netherlands
Which of the following statements most accurately describes a change in popular mentality as a result of the Protestant Reformation?
Protestants and Catholics considered the family in more positive terms, not simply as an institution necessary because of human lust.
what was not typical of the commercial revolution of the 16th century
significant reduction in prices encouraging consumer spending
what were western responses to the commercial revolution
more elaborate family life including greater material wealth; wave of popular protest resulting in risings caused by mass dislocation; greater belief in personal achievement
what monarch is associated with the establishment of enlightened despotism in Prussia in the middle of the 18th century
Frederick the Great
until what russian ruler was a large part of Russia freed from mongol control in the 15th century
Ivan III
Name the percentage of the Russian population that remained rural in the 18th century.
the development of coercine labor systems in eastern Europe was indicative of
eastern Europe’s growing economic subordination to the west
What was the relationship between Catherine the Greatʹs government and local administration?
The tsarist government combined a real monopoly of formal politics by a central administration, but had little power over the noble-owned estates.
What was the state of the Russian economy immediately after the expulsion of the Mongols in the 15th century?
Russia had become a more purely agricultural economy, dependent on peasant labor
What was a primary limitation on the expansion of the agricultural economy?
Lack of technological improvement
Which of the following was NOT one of Peter the Great’s political reforms?
Reduction of taxes on the peasantry.
what was catherine the greats attitude toward the program of westernization
catherine flirted vigorously with the ideas of the french enlightenment, but failed to take steps to abolish serfdom
The grants of Indians to individual Spaniards as a labor system were called
What conditions undercut the position of the Brazilian sugar plantation economy?
Competition from English, French, and Dutch plantation colonies in the Caribbean led to rising prices for slaves and falling prices for sugar
Spanish Administration of Colonies
The greatest silver mine in Spanish America was located at
The European slave trade out of Africa vastly expanded when
sugar plantations were established on the Atlantic islands and in the Americas.
An Indies piece was .
a Spanish term for the commercial value of a healthy male slave.
Portuguese Trade Forts
El Mina was the most important
The Portuguese solidified commercial and cultural contacts in Africa through the creation of factories, which were
forts and trading posts with resident merchants.
The Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a slave trade.
With regard to the slave trade and slavery in Africa, contacts with the Europeans
increased violence and the disruption within African societies.
The capital of the Safavid empire under Abbas the Great.
Who were followers of the Safavids, wore distinctive head gear, and Preached the Shiite doctrine?
Red Heads
What was the status of the Turkic chiefs under the Safavid Shahs?
Like the Ottomans, the Turkish chiefs were gradually transformed into a warrior nobility with assigned villages and peasant labor.
The Fall of Constantinople Occurred by the Ottomans in
Name the products that were associated with the Arab zone of the Asian sea trading network.
Glass, Carpet, and Tapestries
Name the place which was one of the crucial points in the Asian sea trading network where trade converged.
Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Straits of Malacca
Products and Trading Zones
Explain how the Dutch and English participation within the Asian sea trading network changed by the middle decades of the 17th century.
The demand for spices declined and their futile efforts to gain control over crops such as pepper that were grown in many places became more and more expensive
what new areas became part of the global commercial network after 1450?
Americas, parts of Africa, & Polynesia
French and British Colonies
What was the nature of the trade between eastern and western Europe in the 17th century?
Western Europe imported grain in increasing amounts from eastern Europe in return for art objects and manufactured goods
which of the following statements concerning italian humanism is most accurate
humanists focused on humankind as the center of intellectual and artistic endeavor
what were the impacts that the Renaissance had on politics and commerce?
Merchants improved banking techniques and became more capitalist, city-state leaders with new political forms and functions justified their authority, exchange of ambassadors, divine guidance in political forms.
Why did Martin Luther pick up support among the German elite after the protestant reformation?
German princes who turned Protestant could increase their independence from the emperor, seize church lands, and control the church in their territories
Why did “common” people support the Lutheran Reformation?
It sanctioned money-making and other earthly pursuits more wholeheartedly than did traditional Catholicism
the radical who urged the abolition of serfdom during the reign of Catherine the Great
Which of the following was not a form of contact with the West during the reign of the Ivans?
Military alliances were signed with Spain and Portugal
what role did dominican friar bartolome de las casas play in the new world?
Bartolome de Las Casas, along with many other clerics and royal administrators, called out for reforms and initiated the movement to stop the abuse and mistreatment of the natives.
How did Caribbean cities differ from those of Europe?
Caribbean cities were laid out in a grid plan. They were models for other countries. They first settled the Caribbean
Spanish and the Caribbean
Male slaves were worked to death on sugar plantations
The consolidation of West African states, such as the Sokoto Caliphate, was inspired by
African religious ideas and practices in the English and French Caribbean Islands
African religious ideas and practices in Brazil, particulary among the Yoruba people
African religious ideas and practices among descendants of African slaves in Haiti
In North America, they stayed the same and integrated the family, while in South America and Latin America they only imported men and worked them to the death
Accomplishments of reign of Akbur
Extended Mughal conquest in Central & Northern India; Personally oversaw building of military/ administration; Encouraged intermarriage between Mughal aristocracy and Hindu Rajput rulers; Patronized arts
Whom did the first Mughal emperor defeat at the battle of Panipat in 1526?
The Muslim ruler of Delhi
Who was able to unify central Honshu?
Why did Nobunaga initially welcome Christian missionaries in Japan?
He perceived them as a counterforce to militant Buddhist orders that opposed his rise to power.
How was the global trade network of the 15th century different from those of previous eras?
In previous eras, most of the attentuon was given to development of larger regional economies and cultural zones, rather than a truly global network
by 1750,the strands of commercial, cultural, and political changes in Europe had been combined to create what?
a truly sociaflistic society & agricultural civ.
in what way did the importation of American bullion negatively affect the spanish economy?
the arrival of american treasure contributed to a sharp rise in prices and a general inflation
The Swahili city states
trade brought wealth to cities governed by a king who supervised trade and organized public life in the region
compare the declines of the abbasid and ottoman empires
Both the Abbasid and the Ottoman Empires suffered from weak emperors addicted to luxury, the empire becoming too large to control, taxation issues, and peasant rebellions. However, while the Abbasid decline was the mostly the result of tension and conflict between potential rulers, the Ottoman Empire also suffered from a decline in the effectiveness of the administrative system, viziers gaining too much power, military leaders gaining too much power which led to the decline in the sultans’ power, and lack of new land to conquer, which led to current land being conquered by Ottoman enemies.
The Ming emporer recalled all trade ships in 1433 and
isolated China. The first emporer was Yuanzhang – Hongwu
English voyage to North America
Over 50% of Americans will die from European Colonization
what accounts in part for the decline of the italian renaissance circa 1500
decline in trade&& invasion of the peninsula by france and spain
the tsar responsible for the abolition of the assemblies of the nobles and reform of the Orthodox Church.
Alexis Romanov