AP World history Unit 2- Test questions and answers

a. Indo-European tribes
The Medes and Persians were originally
c. Persepolis
The magnificent capital of the Persian empire constructed by Darius was
c. Persian administrative units
Satrapies were
a. Codify the laws of the subject people
The Persian legal code was designed to
c. A Persin loss
The battle of Marathon in 490 BCE proved to be
b. Zoroastrians
The words “good words, good thoughts, good deeds” were used to sum up the view of morality of the
e. Went further than the Persian emperors in their efforts to foster cultural unity
The Qin and Han dynasties
c. Analects
The collection of Confucian sayings and teachings is known as the
a. Formed a throughly practical and secular approach to life
The philosophy of Confucius
d. Xunzi
The Chinese philosopher who proposed that only strong social discipline would bring society into order was
c. Daoism
Criticized social activism and, instead, proposed a life of reflection and introspection was
b. Legalism
What was the Chinese political philosophy that called for clear and strict laws?
c. Qin Shihuangdi
The first ruler to unite all of China was
b. Established an imperial university
In 124 BCE, Han Wudi transformed China by
e. The Xiongnu
Which group of people was the greatest military threat to the Han dynasty?
a. A series of small kingdoms
During the time of the Aryans, the Indian political landscape was characterized by
c. Chandragupta Maurya
The first ruler to unify Indian was
b. Debase the currency
One of the biggest financial problems of the later Mauryan was the rulers decision to
d. Chandra Gupta
The year 320 CE saw the creation of the Gupta dynasty by
b. Jains
The religious groups that carefully swept the ground before them as they walked to avoid harming any invisible insects was the
c. Four Noble Truths
The fundamental doctrine of Buddhism was known as the
e. Knossos
The best example of Minoan culture can be seen in the remains at
b. The city-state
The Greeks used the word POLIS to refer to
e. Discipline and military talent
Distinction among the ancient Spartans came from
c. All male citizens
Athenian democracy was open to
c. Sparta
Who won the Peloponnese War?
c. Punjab
The easternmost point of Alexander’s conquest was
a. The Seleucid realm
Of all the Hellenistic empires, Greek influence was greatest in
c. Romulus
According to legend, Rome was founded by
e. Dictator
During times of crisis the Romans would appoint an official with absolute power known as a(n)
d. Punic Wars
Rome’s monumental struggle with the Carthaginians was known as the
c. Tiberius Gracchus
The tribute whose call for land reform led to his assassination in 132 BCE was
d. Augustus Caesar
The period known as the PAX ROMANA was started by
a. Jesus of Nazareth
The phrase, “the kingdom of God is at hand,” is associated with
d. Paul of Tarsus
The leading figure in the expansion of Christianity beyond Judaism was
d. Mastering of the monsoon system
A key element in establishing trade across the Indian Ocean was the
c. China
In the ancient world, the main producer of silk was
b. Visigoths
In 410 CE, Rome was sacked by the
d. Decided that Jesus possessed both human and divine nature’s
In 325 CE, the council of Nicaea

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