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Ap World History Chapter 26 Notes

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Chapter 26 Notes: Ottomans and Arabs Ottomans: Factors of Decline * Competition between elite * Weak rulers * Increasingly powerful Janissary corps * Increased competition from European merchants * Military challenges from the West * Ottomans vs. Russia (result: loss of Serbia, Greece, and most of Balkans) Survival * Played European rivals against each other * Selim III: reformed bureaucracy, new army and navy.

Killed by janissaries in 1807 * Mahmud II: slaughtered Janissaries, families and religious allies, reforms based on Western influence (angered conservative religious leaders) * Tanzimat Reforms (1939-1876): series of Western influenced reforms in education, government, newspapers, and constitution.

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Ap World History Chapter 26 Notes

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. nullified constitution, removed Westerners in power, continued SOME Western policies * Coup 1908: Ottoman Society for Union and Progress (Young Turks) fought for return to 1976 constitution, Sultan remained as figurehead. * War in North Africa: Ottomans lost Libya * Young Turks vs. Arabs * World War I: Turkey sided with Germany…. Arab Heartlands Fertile Crescent, Egypt, North AfricaIdentified with Ottoman rulers as Muslims, disliked Ottoman rule * Fear of Western rule Muhammad Ali, Westernizing Europe * Napoleon invades Egypt (1798): example of Western military power, eventually defeated by the British * Western reforms introduced (military, agriculture) little accomplished in the long-term * Khedives: Muhammad’s descendants, ruled Egypt until 1952 Issues and European Help * Cotton: solely dependent on export * Misuse of money by the elite Indebted to European powers * Suez Canal: introduces power struggle b/w European powers and Egypt (France and Britain) * Conservative Muslims resented Western presence * Liberal Muslims borrowed from West * Skirmish between Britain and Khedival army results in British domination (Egypt is NOT colonized) Egypt in Sudan * Sudan exploited, forced to reform slave trade * Jihad called against Egyptian rulers and Britain * Sudan successful in maintaining independence until 1896 * Western technology vs

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