AP World History – Chapter 15 Terms

Ottoman Empire
Turkic Empire established in Asia Minor and extended to the Middle East; Conquered Byzantine Empire 1453
Muslim Spanish philosopher who espoused Greek rationalism but was ignored by Middle East
Ming Dynasty
Followed Mongol Yuan Dynasty and lasted until 1644; initially had huge amounts of trade, but slowed down after 1433
Cheng Ho
Muslim from western China who managed their trade in SE Asia
Black Death
Plague that struck Europe 14th Century and affected population size
Rebirth; Reform time for Europe
Portugal, Castile and Aragon
Regional kingdoms of Iberian Peninsula and reconquered Muslim part of Peninsula
Francesco Petrarch
Leading 14th Century writer
Vivaldi Brothers
Two Italian brothers who sailed through the straits of Gibraltar seeking a western route to East Indies; Never herd from again
Henry the Navigator
Portuguese prince responsible for several expeditions along the African coast in the 15th Century; Beginning of western expantion
Judging new people or groups by standards or practices due to your own views or practices