AP World History Byzantine Empire

Justinian Code
collection of laws that formed the basis for Byzantine law under Emperor Justinian
Justinian Empire
wants to reestablish Roman concepts in the West
reconquer the land (Goth wars in Italy)
rebuilds agiasophia Church
Roman Catholicism
A branch of Christianity that developed in the western Roman Empire and that recognized the Pope as its supreme head
Eastern Orthodox
A Christian religion in the East that rose after the schism of religion in the Byzantine Empire.
Built by Justinian; A huge stadium; Held athletic events and games; Seated 60,000 people located in Constantinople. Site of Nike Revolt
Cryllic Alphabet
What many Slaivic languages are now written in. Was invented so the Slavs could read the bible in their own tongues.
The capital of the eastern Roman Empire and later of the Byzantine Empire
A Germanic tribe that defeated the Byzantine army
Hagia Sophia
the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom in Constantinople, built by order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian
one of Justinian’s most important military commanders during period of reconquest of Western Europe; commended in North Africa and Italy
Greek fire
Byzantine weapon consisting of mixture of chemicals (petroleum, quicklime, sulfur) that ignited when exposed to water; utilized to drive back Arab fleets that attacked Constantinople
Slavic kingdom established in northern portions of Balkan peninsula; constant source of pressure on Byzantine Empire; defeated by Emperor Basil II in 1014
What started the slow decline for the Byzantine Empire?
The split between the Eastern and Western churches
Who lead the final defeat of the Byzantine Empire?
In which city did the Byzantine Empire struggle to hang on until then defeated?
What important roles did the Byzantine Empire play in anchoring a vital corner of the Mediterranean?
Trading contacts and ability to preserve and spread classical Christian learning made it vital in the postclassical period.
Byzantine missionary that was sent to Russia to spread Orthodoxy; created Slavic Cyrillic script
Along with Cyril, missionary sent by Byzantine government to eastern Europe and the Balkans; converted southern Russia and Balkans to Orthodox Christianity; responsible for creation of written script for Slavic known as Cyrillic.
Which group of religious people did Eastern Europe recieve?
Jews; they migrated away from the Middle East but also fled the intolerant West.
Trade city in southern Russia established by Scandinavian traders in 9th century; became focal point for kingdom of Russia that flourished to 12th century
Legendary Scandinavian, regarded as founder of the first kingdom of Russia based in Kiev in 855 c.e.
Vladimir I
Ruler of Russian kingdom of Kiev from 980 to 1015; converted kingdom to Christianity
Russian Orthodox
Russian form of Christianity imported from Byzantine Empire and combined with local religion; king characteristically controlled major appointments
Russian landholding aristocrats; possessed less political power than their western European counterparts
Mongols who captured Russian cities and destroyed the Kievan state in 1236. However, they left the Russian Orthodox church and aristocracy intact.

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