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Amicus curioe
One that is not a party to a particular litigation but is permitted by court to advise it in respect to some matter of law that directly affects the case in question
A meeting of members of a political party or faction for the purpose of choosing candidates for election
A count of the population
Civil disobedience
The refusal to obey certain laws or governmental demands, by using nonviolent techniques
A union into one body or mass
Critical elections
New coalition replace old ones and the majority party is displaced by the minority
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Decline in parties
Political parties were in decline in terms of membership functions
The study of statistics such as birth, death, income, or the incident of disease
Function of interest groups
Stimulate public affairs, represent their members on the basis of shared attitudes rather then geography
Not a republican or democrat
Interest groups
People drawn or acting together in support of a common interest or to voice a common concern
Iron triangle
The relationship between the bureaucracy, congressman, and lobbyists
Lobbying techniques
Techniques used by lobbyists to gain support
Majoritarian politics
An agenda that asserts that a majority of the population is entitled to a certain degree of primacy in society
McGovern – Fraser convention
Formed in response to demands for reform by minority groups
Multi – party system
Multiple political parties have the capacity to gain control of the government offices
National convention
A convention of a major political party
Party De-alignment
Weakening ties between two major political parties and the voters
Party eras
Historical eras in which a majority of voters cling to the party in power