AP Style Test-Capitalization

Titles Preceding a Name
ex. he said President Obama will meet Vice President Biden. Defense Secretary Gates. Auburn City Engineer William
ALWAYS lowercase presidency
Titles Standing Alone
Lowercase titles standing alone OR following a name
ex. the president will meet with the vice president tom.
the Auburn city engineer will…
William Fendley, Auburn city engineer, will…
the defense secretary said…
Long Titles
place long titles AFTER the name
ex. Felicia Mason, executive director of the Alabama Press Association, and Anne Gamberg, dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Occupational (job descriptions) or False Titles
ex. ….and gardner John Jones
…included rookie left-handed pitcher Bill Bryant
the speaker was defense attorney John Paul
Astronaut is not a formal title. lowercase professor before name and dont include in second reference
Union, Republic, Colonies
Capitalize Union, Republic, Colonies when referring to the United States
also capitalize Republic of Korea, French Fifth Republic
Referring to State Bodies
Capitalize Congress, Senate, House, Cabinet, Legislature when referring to the United States or specific, individual state body
building in Washington is the Capitol. city is capital
Capitalize committee in full names
ex. the Senate Judiciary Committee met at noon
the House Ways and Means Committee recessed.
Lowercase committee when standing alone. Lowercase subcommittee in ALL cases
ex. the committee recessed early. Senate Judiciary subcommittee on rules meets tomorrow
Complete Names of Organizations
ex. Birmingham Junior Chamber of Commerce
Interstate Commerce Commission
but— Kappa Theta fraternity
Lowercase commission when standing alone
Supreme Court, 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Juvenile Court, District Court
Capitalize Supreme Court, 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Juvenile Court, District Court
Note: it is Juvenile Court Judge Sanders and not Juvenile Judge Sanders
Social Security Administration and Social Security Act
Capitalize Social Security Administration and Social Security Act when referring to the U.S. system
ex. he received Social Security payments. but Lowercase use in general sense–he advocates social security for the aged
Military Titles
Capitalize Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard when referring to those of the US
lowercase solider, sailor, leatherneck, but Capitalize Marine Coast Guardsman
Holidays, Historic Events, Feasts, Fast Days, Events, Hurricanes, Typhoons
ex. Mother’s Day, Labor Day, Battle of the Bulge, Good Friday, Passover, Ash Wednesday, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, National Safety Week, Hurricane Henry, Typhoon Tilda, New Year’s Day, Groundhog Day
lowercase… what will the new year bring? at the start of the new year, we…
Specific Regions
ex. Middle East, Mideast, Middle West, Texas Panhandle, Orient, Chicago’s South Side, Lower Manhattan, Deep South
Ideological and Political Areas
ex. East-West relations, East Germany
BUT Lowercase mere direction: west Alabama, central Alabama
Political Parties
ex. Democratic Party, Democrat, Republican Party, Republican, Socialist, Communist, Independent
lowercase when standing alone: democratic form of government, republican system, socialism, communism
Capitalize Red when used as political, geographical, or military unit
Names of fraternal organizations and civic clubs
ex. Knights of Columbus, American Legion, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club
Newspaper Names
Capitalize THE in a newspaper’s name if that’s how it’s known. DON’T place name in quotes. Lowercase THE before newspapers name if story mentions several papers, some use as part of the name and some dont.
Where location is needed, but is NOT part of the official name, use parenthesis: The Huntsville (Ala.) Times
Religious Names
Capitalize God, the Father, the Son, the Son of God, the Redeemer, the Holy Spirit, Allah
Lowercase he, his, him, who, whose, whom
Capitalize Bible, Quran, Talmud, and all names of the bible and religious movements. Capitalize Satan and Hades
Lowercase heaven, hell, and devil
Capitalize Civil War, War Between the States, Korean War, Revolutionary War, World War I &2 (spell out), Vietnam War, Revolutionary War, Bolshevik Revolution (not revolution by itself)
Capitalize names of races
ex. Caucasian, Chinese, Native American
lowercase red, black, yellow, white
Common Noun Part of Formal Name
ex. Hoover DAM, Missouri RIVER, Lee County COURTHOUSE but dam, river, courthouse when alone
Capitalize Earth when referring to planet
Famous Buildings
Capitalize Empire State Building, Hyatt House, Rainbow Room, Wall Street, Pershing Square, etc.
Trade Names and Trademark Names
ex. Coca-Cola, Deepfreeze, Xerox, Band-Aid, Dumpster
Lowercase street, road, avenue when plural
ex. Broad and Main streets
Names of Organizations and Expositions
ex. Boy Scouts, Red Cross, World’s Fair, Alabama State Fair
Lowercase scout, fair when standing alone
Books, Plays, Poems, Speeches, Songs, Movies, Operas, Works of Art
Capitalize and place in quotations
ex. “Tom Sawyer”, “My Fair Lady”, “Mona Lisa”
exception: dont put Bible and books that are primary catalogs of reference material in quote
the words a, an, in, of, the, etc capitalized ONLY if its the first or last word of a title
Capitalize the first word of a quotation which comes after a comma or colon that makes a complete sentence
He said, “Omit needless words.”
Fanciful Nicknames
ex. Tigers, Crimson Tide, Sunshine State, Old Glory, Windy City, the Big Apple, Sin City
Decorations, Medals, Awards
ex. Silver Star, Purple Heart, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize in Physics, Medal of Honor (not Congressional MOH) Presidential Medal of Freedom (not MOF)
City Council, County Commission, Department of Education
Capitalize when reference is to a specific one
ex. the City Council voted… (meaning Auburn)
the County Commission voted (meaning Lee County)
lowercase if condensed to council, commission, department
Academic Departments
School of Communication NOT department of education
Fields of Study/ School Courses
Lowercase, but fields of study are capitalized
ex. zoology, biology, history but Journalism Fundamentals
Days of the Week & Seasons
Days of the week Capitalized, NEVER abbreviated
Seasons Lowercase