Ap Human Geography Unit 4 Chapter 8 Study Guide

rule by an autonomous power over a subordinate and alien people and place
Unitary state
a nation-state that has a centralized government and administration that exercises power equally over all parts of the state
a principle of international relations that holds that final authority over social, economic, and political matters should rest with the legitimate rulers of independent states
a territory tied to a state rather than completely independent
theoretically, a recognized member of the modern state system possessing formal sovereignty and occupied by a people who see themselves as a single, united nation. Used as a synonym for country or state
Compact State
the distance from the center to any boundary does not vary significantly; Good communication can be established to all regions
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a zone where no state has complete political control
invisible line that marks the extent of a state’s territory
states with small land area
Elongated state
states with long, narrow shape; Chile, Malawi and Gambia
What claims could the british empire make during its reign around 1900?
the british empire was bigger than any of European states empire british countries were located on every continent
What ancient civilization was known for having the first powerful city-states?
How was the world different after the Cold war?
Economic competition was more important than military competition
What geographic feature separates Chile and Argentina?
the Andes Mountains
In what terms can you describe the boundary between the United States and Mexico?
Water, Language, and Geometry
Over the past century, how would you describe the number of sovereign countries in the world?
It has increased by more than a hundred
Why have so many states adopted the federal form of government?
To satisfy the demands of competing nationalites
What are some reasons that motivated Europeans to colonized different parts of the world?
God, Gold, and Glory
What was a major factor in setting new boundaries of states after WW1 in Europe?
How did Poland distribute its power after the fall of communism?
Delegated power to local governments ( federal system )
What has been the major affect of European colonialism in Africa?
Political/Social turmoil due to inappropriate colonial boundaries
What colony is the most populous in the world? Who rules it?
Puerto Rico; United States
Name some of landlocked states in Africa.
Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, and Zambia
What are the two nationalities make up the island of Cyprus?
Greek and Turkish
What are some powerful centripetal forces in the modern state?
Language, culture, holidays, natural disaster, economic stress and mass communication
Where did most of the whites in South Africa emigrate from?
The Netherlands and Great Britain
Name some countries that are good examples of a federal state, based on info from your textbook.
United States
What four countries were part of Yugoslavia until early 1900s?
Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia
What are some examples of nations/areas divided into more than one state?
Korea, China, Taiwan
What is the main purpose of the European Union?
To promote economic growth in Europe
What was the main purpose of NAFTA?
To promote economic cooperation between US, Mexico, and Canada
What are some ways that make up a cultural boundary?
Language and Religion
What states are not made a member of the United States?
Kosovo, Taiwan, and Vatican City
What was the main difference between the way France and UK governed its colonies?
British allowed cultures in their territories to remain intact, France made their subject people “French”
What two cities in Morocco are controlled by Spain?
Ceuta and Melilia
What are three reasons states cooperate with other states?
Militarily, politically, and economically
What is the world’s largest state?
What are the differences between physical and cultural boundaries and which is more natural?
Cultural boundaries are more natural than physical boundaries