AP Human Geography (Jones College prep) chapter 4

A perticular act that and individual performs.
A repeated act by a group, to the extent where it becomes a characteristic of the group.
Where cultures originate, a source of innovation.
Folk culture hearths are
Popular culture hearths are
Well known
Diffusion of folk cultire
One location to another, small scale.
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Diffusion of popular culture
Hierarchical and quick diffusion, large scale.
Distribution of folk cuktrue
A combo of physical and cultural factors affect the distribution of folk culture.
Distribution of popular culture
Widely across many countries and no physical features effect the distribution of popular culture.
In folk culture clothes are often designed for
Regional/cultural/environmental purposes.
Clothing style in popular culture is based off of
Occupation and income.
Folk food culture is based off of
What foods are near by and available, customs, and religious limitations.
Food taboos
A restriction on behavior imposed by a social customs.
In general folk culture uses resources and food that are
Near by and close
And in popular culture resources and food are originally from
What helps popular culture diffuse?
Electronics! Social media, TV, the internet…
Countries that have more access to technology are usually more or less developed?
Countries that have limited access to technology are usually more or less developed?
Uniforms landscapes
A similar looking building always housing the same thing. Idk, this is a confusing term…
Resource depletion
When something is popular culture is in such high demand it starts to deplete the earth of the resource that makes that popular something.