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AP Gov chapter 4

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To conduct research on its prison systems
Why did de Tocqueville's visit the US?

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AP Gov chapter 4

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Geography, laws and the "Manners and customs of the people"
de Tocqueville argued that American democracy endured as the byproduct of what?
Constitutional, demographic, and cultural differences
What creates a political culture?
The president would be fined or ticketed
In a classic study of the political beliefs and attitude of children, American children were likely to believe that what would happen to a president who was pulled over for speeding?
America offered more abundant land and greater opportunity for people
Why did democracy flourish in early America?
America is an immigrant ration, favors immigrant policies. Japan has highly restrictive immigrant policies, foreign-born citizens are few
What is the notable distinction between democracy in the United States and Japan?
Their rights
The text suggests Americans are "preoccupied" with what?
What is the principle that government officials should be accountable to the people known as?
Liberty, equality, democracy, civic duty, individual responsibility
What are the basic elements of the U.S. political culture?
How do we know if Americans share beliefs? 2. If the roles are important, how can we explain each one in our society of behavior inconsistent with them? 3. If there's agreement among Americans, why is there so much conflicts in history
What are the three critical questions to ask about political culture?
Race relations
What was the Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal referring to when he spoke of "America's dilemma"?
Many political value relevant to specific controversies
Why does political conflict occur over specific policies even among those who share common beliefs?
According to the text, the persistence in our political vocabulary of the term ________ is evidence of Americans' common hopes and values.
economic inequality
What type of inequality is more likely to be accepted by the US public?
Leaders of liberal groups (Civil rights, Feminist)
According to polls, what groups are Americans most willing to help?
Commitment to economic individualism and personal responsibility
Social policy in the United States is dominated by a common belief among Americans in what?
In American political culture, the _________ view of social policy is by far the most popular.
It's more differential than participatory, though all vote, few participate in other ways
Why does the text argue that the democratic political culture of Sweden differs from that of the United States?
Maintaining good relationship with colleagues, having groups make
Compared with Americans, Japanese are more likely to focus on what?
More confidence in public institutions than in citations of all but 4 other countries + greater confidence in private institutions than the citizens of any other country
Describe the attitudes and opinions expressed by Americans in surveys.
The cultural differences; swedes think equality is more important than freedom
Why is there less income inequality in Sweden than in America?
To believe in God, pray daily, acknowledge clear right and wrong
Compared with the average European, the average American is more likely to do what?
Give money and donate to nonreligious organizations
Research finds that religious persons are more likely than secular persons to do what?
Martin luther king Jr.
Which religious group or leader advocated constitutional amendments that would require prayer in public schools and ban abortion?
Christian coalition
Which group attracted an enormous amount of media attention and became a prominent force in many national, state, and local elections during the 1990s?
The phrase "under god" in the pledge of allegiance
The relevance and potential impact of religion in American politics were evident in 2002 when a federal court issued a controversial ruling regarding what?
Personal liberty and social control
The text argues that the U.S. Constitution had to reconcile what two competing needs?
The association with maintenance of rights
The text suggests that Americans have a "preoccupation" with what?
Colonies experience with British people
The distrust of political authority so evident in American political culture has its basis in what?
Liberty and orderly political change could coexist
Early competition between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans ended by establishing what principle?
The election of Jefferson in 1800
Ultimately, what led to the religious diversity that we experience in the United States?
What was the dominant religious tradition in the early United States?
Max Weber
Who explained the rise of capitalism in terms of religious beliefs and the community involvement of individuals?
work ethic
What is the "Protestant ethic?"
Miniature political system made developing participatory political culture easier
What developmental role did congregational churches play for many Americans?
The church was controlled by the members
Why were churches in the United States important to the development of a sense of civic duty and civic competence?
What is the most important source of political values in the United States?
not very much
How class conscious are Americans?
Horatio alger
Who often wrote tales of youngsters who started out poor but became rich by determination and hard work?
The cultural classes of
What is "the culture war?"
Differences in people's beliefs about private and public morality
At its core, the culture war is about...
Polarization of political leaders
Morris Fiorina would have us believe that the culture war is more of a myth than anything else and is really only a reflection of what?
The party's positions on important issues
Alan Abramowitz suggests that the culture war might be more real than imagined because people are increasingly choosing their party affiliation on what basis?
People are talking about government officials, not the system of government
In thinking about trends in popular trust of government, it is important to consider what factor?
12% of americans
In general how many Americans say that they have a lot of confidence in Congress?
Newspapers, public schools, television news and labor unions. Exception is military
Over the last three decades, public trust has declined for which institutions? What is a notable exception?
Allow people to participate equally
According to the text, what is the minimum requirement of a democracy?
In abstract, but not always in the concrete
Studies show that Americans support constitutional freedoms under what conditions?
The lack of consensus regarding which groups will be repressed
What has led to the survival of some unpopular political cause

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