AP Gov Chapter 13 Congress

Besides the United States, which other nations have congresses?
Most Latin American countries only
In Great Britain’s parliamentary system, candidates for Parliament are selected by
the party
A basic difference between a parliament such as Great Britain’s andthe U.S. Congress is that
party members in a parliament vote together on most issues
In a parliamentary system, when members of the government’s party vote against the parliament, the leadership must
dissolve the parliament and form a new government
A basic difference between a parliament such as Great Britain’s andthe U.S. Congress is that
Congress does not select a president
If the Framers had created a parliament instead of a congress, it isreasonable to assume that its principal function would be
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The text suggests that the importance of congressional legislators,compared with members of parliament, can
best be inferred from the
resources they receive while in office
The term bicameral used to describe the U.S. legislature means thatthe legislature
has two chambers, or legislative bodies
One important effect of bicameralism is that it
balances large and small states
Under the original U.S.
Constitution, members of the Senate, unlike members of the House, were selected by
state legislatures
Under the original U.S.
Constitution, members of the House, unlike members of the Senate, were selected by
state legislatures
Article I, Section 8, of the U.S.
Constitution confers on Congress all of the following powers except
the power to veto bills
The overriding political question throughout the evolution of Congress has been the
the distribution of powers within Congress
The main reason why the House dominated Congress in the firstquarter of the nineteenth century was the
influence of the party caucus
The Senate, not the House, became the crucial forum for debating the issue of slavery because
the two sides were equally matched in the Senate
All of the following statements concerning the filibuster are correct except
Today, it takes 75 Senators to end debate.
The purpose of a filibuster is to
delay action in a legislative body
The typical member of Congress is a(n)
middle-aged, white, Protestant lawyer
In terms of the composition of its membership, the House since 1950 has become
less male and less white
In terms of its percentage of women and nonwhite members since 1950, the Senate, compared with the House, has
been slower to change
The most important change that has occurred in the composition of the House in this century has been the
decrease in the rate of member turnover
Serving in Congress had become a career by the
All of the following statements concerning term limits are correct except
The Supreme Court has struck down a state law limiting termsof members of state legislatures
The 1992 and 1994 elections brought scores of new members to the House because
of the redrawing of congressional districts after the 1990 census;
of voter disgust at a variety of political scandals;
the South became a Republican stronghold
A marginal district is one in which
the winner in an election gets less than 55 percent of the vote
One proposed explanation for why congressional seats have become less marginal is that
incumbents can use their powers to get programs passed that benefit their districts, and thereby themselves
In the last thirty congressional elections, the gap between votes and seats in the House is illustrated by the fact that the
Republican percentage of vote has been higher than the Republican percentage of House seats
Since the 1980s, the conservative coalition has become
less important because
many southern Democrats in Congress have been replaced by southern Republicans
Recent changes in the composition of members in Congress has resulted in
a more ideological and partisan House
The anti-incumbent mood directed toward members of Congress by voters in recent years has worked to the disadvantage of
The explanation for congressional voting behavior that assumes members vote to please their constituents is referred to as
The explanation for congressional voting behavior that assumesmembers vote to please their colleagues is referred to as
The explanation for congressional voting behavior that assumesmembers vote on the basis of their beliefs is referred to as
One study reported in the text showed that the strongest correlation between congressional voting and constituency opinion was in the area of
civil rights
A problem with the representational interpretation of congressional voting behavior is that
on many key issues, public opinion is weak or vague
In the 1960s, the decentralization of the Senate was encouraged by the fact that
it became easier for junior senators to obtain chairmanships
Over the past two decades, senators, compared with the average voter, were consistently more
liberal in the 1970s, conservative in the 1980s
In recent years, American voters have political beliefs that are
close to the center of the political spectrum
In recent years, the political beliefs of members of Congress have become
more polarized than voters
The best way to understand how Congress carries out its business is to think of it as
a collection of different kinds of organizations
The British House of Commons differs most obviously from Congress in the role played in it by
party organization
If you wished to study the real leadership office in the Senate, you would most likely focus on the
the majority leader
A member of the Senate has just been elected to a position that requires him to keep the majority leader informed about the opinions of other party members. He has just been elected
majority party whip
From the standpoint of the ambitions of a newly elected Democratic senator, the most
important element in party organization is the
Steering Committee
From the standpoint of the ambitions of a newly elected Republican senator, the most important element in party organization is the
president pro tempore
The most important aspect of the process of selecting Senate members for key leadership and committee positions is
achieving ideological and regional balance
The numerical superiority of House representatives over senators carries with it the implication that the
House leadership has more control than the Senate leadership
Among the many powers of the House Speaker is that he or she
determines the committee assignment of bills
Compared to the Senate of the 1950s and 1960s, today’s Senate can best be described as
less party centered, less leader oriented, more hospitable tofreshmen, more heavily staffed, and more subcommittee oriented
Votes in Congress that evoked party splits during the 1990s were most likely to be reflective of
sharp ideological differences between parties
________ caucuses are formed by groups whose members share asimilar ideology
________ caucuses form around common interests in an issue
________ caucuses are perceived by their members as representingcertain groups nationwide
The Congressional Black Caucus is one of the best known
national constituency caucuses
A coalition of House members who support price supports for peanuts would be most likely to label themselves a(n)
constituency caucus
Most of the power in Congress is found in
the committees
Because they are usually the only ones that can report out bills, the most important committees are the
standing committees
A member of Congress who is interested in increasing support for the aged would be best advised to
get the House or Senate to create a select committee on the aged
Where is the real work of Congress done?
in the committees of both houses
The type of committee most likely to deal with a bill near the end of its legislative process is the
conference committee
Since the 1970s, the chairpersons of House committees have been chosen by
secret ballot
The changes brought about by the committee bill of rights in the early 1970s included the right to have subcommittee jurisdiction determined by the
majority party members on the committee
The maximum number of committees that can be chaired by one senator is
The text argues that the effects of congressional measures to ensure openness are
not yet clear
A recent trend in Congress has been for the number of amendments to proposed laws to
increase, along with the number of individuals offering them
In the Senate, committees such as Rules and Administration, Small Business, and Veterans’ Affairs are examples of
minor committees
If you were a newly elected member of Congress interested in becoming an expert on a particular policy and influencing your colleagues on this policy, you would probably ask to be assigned to the
Ways and Means Committee
Until the 1990s the most rapidly growing bureaucracy in Washington was that of
staff members of Congress
One effect of the growth in congressional staff has been to
generate more legislative work
Increased reliance on staff has made Congress more
If you are a committee staff member and want to know the status of a bill, you can get the information most quickly from the
Congressional Research Service (CRS)
The original purpose of the General Accounting Office (GAO) was to perform
audits of financial records
The staff agency that advises Congress on the probable economic effect of different spending programs and the cost of proposed policies is the
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Which of the following statements about the speed with which bills move through Congress is correct?
it can vary enormously
Which of the following bills is most likely to pass through Congress quickly?
A bill dealing with aid to the handicapped
A bill can be introduced in Congress by
any member of Congress
The complexity of the procedure for enacting a law gives the advantage to the bill’s
The treatment that Congress gave President Carter’s energy plan shows that
passing complex legislation is difficult for Congress
Which of the following statements about introducing a bill in Congress is correct?
A bill not passed during the life of one Congress is dead
If a member of the House wants to establish a select committee, he or she is most likely to be introducing a
simple resolution
Which of the following statements about most joint resolutions is correct?
They require the approval of both houses and the signature of the president
To propose an amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, Congress wouldhave to pass a
joint resolution
Which of the following statements about revenue bills is correct?
they must originate in the House
A bill to raise taxes would first be referred to the
House Ways and Means Committee
The trade bill of 1988 was considered by fourteen committees in theHouse and nine in the Senate. This illustrates the legislative process of
multiple referral
The ________ process allows the Speaker to send a bill to a second committee after the first committee is finished acting on it
sequential referral
A mark-up session is one in which
a committee or subcommittee makes changes in the original version of a bill
A discharge petition is used by the House to
get a bill stalled in committee onto the floor
All of the following statements concerning discharge petitions are correct except
Discharge petitions are rarely attempted in the House
If a House bill has just been reported out of committee and its sponsor is worried that floor amendments will substantially change it, he or she would be
most likely to request a(n)
closed rule from the Rules Committee
The effect of allowing bills to be debated under open rather than closed or restrictive rules is to
give greater control to the committees
Unlike the House, the scheduling of legislation in the Senate is
determined by the majority and minority leaders
A rider is usually added to a bill to
circumvent or influence presidential action
A bill that has many non germane amendments tacked on is called a
Christmas-tree bill
In the Senate, a filibuster can be ended by invoking
Which of the following statements about the current cloture rule is correct?
It requires three-fifths of the entire Senate membership to pass
If you wanted to know what a member of Congress really thoughtabout a bill, you would be best advised to look at how he or she voted
on amendments to the bill
To find out how members of Congress voted on a particular bill, it is most useful to have a
roll-call vote or a teller vote
Which of the following statements about different methods of voting for a bill in the House and Senate is
Individual votes may or may not be recorded