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AP Gov 1-3

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the goal of the American Revolution was

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AP Gov 1-3

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the colonists believed that most politicians tended to be
the colonists fought to protect liberties that they believed were
discoverable in nature and history, based on a higher law, essential to human progress and ordained by God
When he wrote the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson replaced _____________ with "the pursuit of happiness"
at the time of the American Revolution, most citizens were
self employed
The essential compaints itemized in the Declaration of Independence are remarkable because
none spoke of social or economic conditions in the colonies
an unalienable right is
based on nature and Providence
the colonists new vision of government insisted that
the legislative branch be superior to the executive branch
one notable feature of colonial governments by 1776 was the presence of
written constitutions with detailed bills of rights
The articles of confederation attempted to create
a league of friendships among the states
under the articles congress had the power to
make peace, coin money, appoint key army officers and run the post office
all of the following were true of the government under the articles except
amendments required the support of nine of thirteen states
the critical meeting that was scheduled by those who met at George Washington's house and later held at Annapolis, Maryland, focused on the topic of
trade regulation
the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to
revise the articles of confederation
what influential Founder concluded history-to that point in time- provided no truly desirable model of government
James madison
french political pundits and Thomas Paine praised the state constitution of Pennsylvania because it was radically
Shay's rebellion stirred the fears of some that state governments were
about to collapse
Thomas Jefferson responded to the news of the rebellion by noting
a little rebellion now and then is a good thing
the Philadelphia convention attracted about _____ delegates from the states
About _____ of the delegates at the Convention participated regularly
the majority of the delegates to the constitutional convention were
the text suggests some names made famous by the Revolution were conspicuously absent from the convention, including
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams
The various speeches given by the delegates at the Convention are known to us from
detailed notes kept by Madison
The delegates to the Constitutional Convention shared to a commitment to
When John Locke theorized about the "state of nature," he was speculating about a period of time when
there were societies, but no governments
The philosophy of John Locke strongly supported the idea that
government ought to be limited
The Pennsylvania experience led the Framers to be concerned about the tyranny of
the majority
To many conservatives in the late 18th century, democracy meant
mob rule
In the Federalist papers, Madison quipped that government would not be "necessary" if
men were angels
The presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention was
George Washington
Supporters of a strong national government favored the
Virginia Plan
All of the following were features of the Virginia Plan except
each state had one vote in the national legislature
The high degree of contentiousness at the Convention was evident in the fact that Benjamin Franklin suggested beginning each meeting with
The Great Compromise
based House representation on population and Senate population on equality
The Constitution called for senators to be
selected by the state legislatures
the great compromise was supported by the votes of delegates from _______ states
before a committee created the electoral college, convention delegates suggested the president be
chosen by congress and elected directly by the people
with regard to the power of judicial review the text suggests
it is not clear whether the Framers intended the Supreme Court to have such a power
All of the following statements regarding the amendment process are correct except
amendments can only be proposed by the Senate
The American version of representative democracy was based on two major principles
separation of powers and federalism
the power to print money would be an example of what kind of power
powers that are exclusively given the states to the states are referred to as what powers
the power to collect taxes would be an example of a what power
the antifederalists are best described as
states' righters
The federalist papers were written
to help win ratification of the constitution in New York
what of the following liberties was included in the constitution before the bill of rights was added
Habeas Corpus
In the constitution, slavery was
not specifically mentioned
Sophisticated statistical analysis of the voting behavior of the Framers of the Constitution suggests
they generally represented the interests of their respective states
Those who favor reforming the Constitution by lessening the separation of powers between the branches often draw their inspiration from the model of
Great Britain
Women are specifically mentioned in the original Consititution
No women voted in state election in the United States until
1869, in territorial elections in Wyoming
Which statement best describes the performance of the government in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US
A fraction of the bipartisan homeland security policies and programs were implemented after many years of debate
Today, on average, Americans pay ________ percent of their income to federal payroll taxes
Most national political officeholders are middle-class, middle-aged, white protestant males. Knowing this, we
still cannot explain many important policies
What do the authors define as "the ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person's intentions"?
Which of the following statements concerning power is correct?
its exercise can sometimes be obvious, it can be exercised in subtle ways, it involves a person getting another person to act in accordance with the first person's wishes, and is found in all human relationships (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Which of the following statements about authority is correct
it is defined as the right to use power
a survey of 450 history and political science professors resulted in __________ being listed as the most significant achievement o government since 1950
the rebuilding of Europe
Americans seem to agree that the exercise of political power at any level is legitimate only if in some sense it is
In Aristotle's view, democracy would consist of
participation by all or most citizen in either holding office or making policy
Aristotle's notion of democracy is also referred to as
direct democracy and participatory democracy
In the ancient Greek city-state, the right to vote was not extended to
those who did not own property, women, minors, slaves (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Which of the following is a basic tenet of representative democracy?
individuals should acquire power through competition for the people's vote
Sometimes, representative democracy is disapprovingly referred to as the _______ theory of democracy
If you fear that people often decide big issues on the basis of fleeting passions and in response to demagogues, you are likely to agree with
many of the framers of the Constitution
The text suggests representative democracy is justified by all of the following concerns except that
the people cannot choose among competing leadership groups
In sharp contrast to the United States, very few offices in some European democracies are
the text suggests that the Founders thought the government should ______ popular views
The Founders granted that representative democracy would
prevent sweeping changes in policy and often proceed slowly
The Founders might agree that _______ ought to hinge on popular vote
none of the above
Issues can be handled in a majoritarian fashion if
they are important enough to command the attention of most citizens, sufficiently clear to elicit an informed opinion from citizens, sufficiently feasible to address so that what citizens want can in fact be done (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
In the Marxist view government is a reflection of underlying ________ forces
Marx concluded "modern" societies generally feature a clash of power between
capitalists and workers
C. Wright Mills, an American sociologist, suggests politics and government are dominated by
the power elite
Which of the following statements is not consistent with Mills' position
Corporate leaders are the primary, dominant nongovernmental influence in policy making
Max Weber felt that the dominant social and political reality of modern times was that
all institutions have fallen under the control of large bureaucracies
Weber's theory suggests it would be wise for scholars who want to study power to focus on
appointed officials and career government workers
The view that money, expertise, prestige, and so forth are widely scattered throughout our society in the hands of a variety of groups is known as the
pluralist view of American society
A pluralist might agree with all the following statements except
mass opinion and the interests of citizens are irrelevant to policy making
The text suggests ______ theory "does the most to reassure one that America has been, and continues to be, a democracy in more than name."
Ronald Reagan's policy initiatives on social and economic problems sought to
return citizens' assumptions to what they had been before the 1930s
American foreign policy, according to the text, tends to alternate between
interventions and isolationism
The fact that people have been willing to die over competing views of the public interest suggests that
such views are more than mere window dressing
The kinds of answers that political scientists usually give to the fundamental political questions tend to be
partial, contingent, and controversial
According to the text, before making judgement about institutions and interests, we must first observe them
on a variety of different issues
The logical place to begin the study of how power is distributed in U.S. politics is
the Constitutional Convention and events leading up to it
The Supreme Court's controversial 2005 decision Kelo v. City of New London involved
government seizure of private property
The response of many state legislatures to the Court's decision in the Kelo case was to
restrict its scope by passage of new laws
Today's effort to scale back the size and activities of the national government shift responsibilities back to the states has become known as
A system is not federal unless local units of government
exist independently and can make decisions independent of the national government
The text identifies all of the following has having federal systems except
Great Britain
William H. Riker, an American political scientist argues that the "main effect" of federalism since the Civil War has been to
perpetuate racism
According to the text, the most "obvious" effect of federalism has been to
facilitate the mobilization of political acitivity
All of the following statements are correct except
the delegates at Philadelphia used "federalism" as a synonym for "unitary"
Alexander Hamilton's view of federalism held that
the federal government was superior to the state governments
The national supremacy view of the newly formed federal government was powerfully defended by Chief Justice
John Marshall
The landmark case McCulloch vs. Maryland determined that
the "necessary and proper clause" allowed for the creation of a bank
Although the doctrine of nullification is commonly associated with John C. Calhoun, the notion is plainly evident in
the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
After the Civil War the debate about the meaning of federalism focused on the ______ clause of the Constitution
The text suggests that, by the 1940s, Supreme Court rulings concerning the commerce clause
abandoned hard distinctions between interstate and intrastate commerce
According to the text, federal anti-trust laws do not affect
professional baseballs players
In the 2000 case United States vs Morrison, the Supreme Court refused to connect or extend the scope of the commerce clause to
violence against women
Which of the following statements regarding state constitutions is incorrect
none of the above
which procedure allows voters to reject a measure adopted by the legislature
which procedure allows voters to remove an elected official from office
The Constitution guarantees the existence of
the states
At first, federal money seemed attractive to state officials because
There were budget surpluses, the federal income tax was a flexible tool of public finance, the production and distribution of currency was managed by the federal government, and it seemed to be free, (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
One odd effect of the fair share formula used to determine grants by Homeland security is
A skew in funding toward states and cities with low populations
During the 1960s, federal grant programs were increasingly devised on the basis of ________ needs
In 1960, over 40% of all federal grants to local and state government went to
Transportation and highways
As of 2006, the largest percentage of federal grant money goes toward
The requirement that a state or locality match federal money is most common with
categorical grants
The Law Enforcement Assistance Act is an example of a
categorical grant
Block grants and revenue sharing were efforts to
reverse trends by allowing states and localities freedom to spend money as they wished
Which of the following has (have) grown fastest in recent years?
categorical grants
Whcih of the following is (are) not among the coalition that prefers categorical grants to block grants and revenue sharing
state and local officials
The intense debate over the manner in which the federal government distributes funds and awards contracts has been precipitated by
a shift in population to the South, Southwest, and Far West
With the advent of grants based on distributional formulas, the _______ has taken on monumental importance
Most federal mandates concern
civil rights and environmental protection
A 2006 study found that the highest number of unfunded mandates could be found in the area of ___________ policy
Which of the following statements is correct
the government tends to use more mandates in areas where it spends less money
The text suggests the growth of mandates has been fueled by the fact that
local citizens can use a federal court to change local practicies
The conditions attached to grants are by far the most important federal restriction on state action because
the typical state depends for a quarter or more of its budget on federal grants
when the election of 1994 brought Republican majorities in the House and the Senate, the first key issue in the drive to shift important functions back to the states was
the text suggests devolution was actually an old idea that acquired new vitality because
Congress, rather than the president, was leading the effort

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