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Antonius Werink Margaret Jefferson Case

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Contrariwise, training and developing Hart, if even possible, could turn out to be costly as well. Therefore, I recommend Margaret Jefferson to find a better fit for this crucial position, meaning letting him go. At the moment Hart is still in his probationary period, making it less costly to let him go. Furthermore, I suggest to replace Hart by the administrative manager for the short term. For the long term, the administrative manager could train the intern and prepare him for the job and the specific tasks.

Question 2 Three recommendations Margaret Jefferson should follow: 1) Straight to the point. 2) Offer help. ) Be professional. When meeting with Hart, Jefferson should immediately make clear what the purpose of the meeting is. She should know what she wants to say and communicate this directly with Hart. There's no need to go into detail about the reasons for the termination. The reasons should be clear, since Hart was constantly informed about his performance and had enough time and possibilities to improve it; There shouldn't be an argument or discussion.

Furthermore, Jefferson should make clear all the details of the separation, meaning all the steps they have to take (e. G. Clearing out their workspace, signing legally binding agreements, etc. ). Moreover, Jefferson is not firing Hart because she doesn't like him. In fact, Jefferson is actually convinced of his interpersonal capabilities. Therefore, she might want to help Hart in finding a job, which would fit him and his capabilities better. Jefferson could maybe recommend him to some other companies.

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Antonius Werink Margaret Jefferson Case

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Finally, Jefferson should be aware Of the fact that she's acting in the best interest Of the company. The lay-off is not personal, but just business. Jefferson is responsible for the performance of the company and the employees, thus if those are failing, so is she. Question 3 The failure of hiring Hart and its particular hiring process, exposes some inaccuracies in the hiring protocol Jefferson used. Firstly, there was too little emphasis on the administrative skills of Hart, although this is extremely important for the position.

Secondly, the decision about hiring Hart was made too fast. Thirdly, the communication and cooperation between Jefferson and the administrative manager was deficient. In order to improve these three points recommend the following: 1) Align the hiring protocol with the specific job. Different jobs require different capabilities. The emphasis in the ease of Hart should have been more on administrative skills and interpersonal skills, rather than only on interpersonal skills. 2) Don't rush the hiring process.

Although the need of hiring a Special Events Manager was urgent, they never should have rushed the process. If Jefferson would have followed all the steps of her hiring protocol she may have discovered Hart Was lacking vital administrative skills at an earlier Stage. 3) Include the administrative manager more in the hiring process. Including the administrative manager more in the hiring process, could have prevented Jefferson from hiring an incapable Special Events Manager. The administrative manager is better aware of the specific administrative capabilities needed for the specific job.

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