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Annotated bibliography Argumentative Essay

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Girls are the ones o find it extremely important when their families are involved in related activities; consequently, there is a positive result for them. Nevertheless, research does not express that female do not play video games as much as males do. I believe this will be a good resource to use because it is a terrific example of some of the positive effects that any video game may have on the genders.  Play Station that helps us to play video games, but there is so much more to them. May explains on her website how these two machines can unite entertaining pastimes with physical education. Motion-sensor equipment provides ways to workout, teach, and gives power to all of us to stay in shape. I think this would be a good resource to use whether I am on the fence of video games because all this technology has assisted with children sitting on a log and getting into new physical pavement. Pew Internet and American Life Projects describes how these games affect the teens positively instead of negatively. Mr. Radon describes in this website or article 10 different benefits of playing video games for nut Just children but also the parents. He has a ton of good information in these articles that I can use to find my reasons for positively playing video games.

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Annotated bibliography Argumentative Essay essay

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