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Anlysing of Tv Commercial

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The Selected TV Commercial We have selected a television advertisment of bKash, a Brack bank company, for our given assignment. bKash is a service providing company newly launched in Bangladesh which mission is to provide financial services allowing people of Bangladesh to safely send and receive money via mobile devices that are convenient, affordable and reliable. The TV commercial in details: Here on the add Sokhina is the main actress who is a garments worker and uses bKash regularly to send money home to her family.

She narrates how bKash has made her life so much easier, and how it is transforming the lives of everyone around her too. How the other people are being benefitted by bKash according to this advertisement are describing below. Her neighbor Milon is a driver who used to receive his salary in cash. Milon is happy because bKash is a better means to keep his money safe as he does not have a bank account. He does not need to cash out the whole amount at a time. Ronnie is the son of the Chairman of Sokhina’s village who is a university student and lives on campus away from home.

He needs to pay his tuition fee urgently and calls his father to send him the money through bKash. He also assured his father not to be worried to lose the money as only he knows the pin code to make the money cash. Soo it is secure even the cell phone is lost. Again her madam Nina buys some groceries from a nearby superstore and happily pays with bKash at the store. Nina likes paying with bKash as it is simple, convenient and she no longer needs to carry cash. According to the TV commercial at present sending or receiving money using bKash is only possible under Grameen Phone and Robi network throughout the country.

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Anlysing of Tv Commercial

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WEB link: http://www. bkash. com/video/something-everyone If facing any problem please visit http://www. facebook. com/Zelius. Miraz? fref=ts TARGET MARKET ANLYSIS Consumer markets can be segmented on the following customer characteristics. * Geographic * Demographic * Psychographic Geographic Target Market: If we consider about the geographical target market for bKash on the basis of the advertisement then it would be the whole Bangladesh where the network of GP and Robi is available as it talks about sending and receiving money from one end to another.

Demographic Target Market: Age: People of ages 18 to 50. On the add we have seen that Ronnie, a university student, needs to use bKash for the payment of his tuition fees again on the other hand Sokhina sends money to her parents through bKash. So all of them are the target market of bkash. Gender: Both male and female. Income: People who earn money and do not both are the target market of bkash as it is providing one type of banking service. Occupation: Service Holder, Driver, Students, Housewife, Farmers, Businessman etc. ccording to the advertisement only. Psychographic Target Market: Social Class: Lower, middle and upper. Attitude and beliefs: Security conscious. Behavioral Target Market: Benefits sought: Sokhina the garment worker describes about the benefits of bKash. User status: Potential and regular. OBJECTIVE OF THE ADVERTISEMENT The main objective of the advertisement is to attract the people of all sectors especially including garments workers, other lower earning people, students and housewives to use the financial service of bKash. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR

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