Animal Farm Study Guide

Who owns manor farm?
Mr. Jones
What problem does Mr. Jones have?
A drinking problem
Who is Old Major
12 y/o prized pig
Why does Old Major assemble the animals?
To tell them about the dream he had.
What broke up the meeting of the animals?
Mr. Jones shooting at the barn, thinking there was a fox.
What are the ideas from Old Major about the rebellion?
All animals are equal, all humans are the enemy, and no animal shall act like human.
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Who are the three main pigs?
Snowball, Squealer, and Napoleon.
What is the system of thought throughout the farm?
What is Molly concerned about during the revolution?
SugarCandy Mountain
What is Sugar Candy Mountain?
A heaven told by Moses, the raven.
What two leaders rise after the rebellion?
Napoleon and Snowball
What is done with the farmhouse?
They turn it into a museum
What have the pigs been doing the last three months, after the revolution?
They haven’t done anything, but supervise.
Who came up with the seven commandments?
Which one of the animals are most admirable? Why?
Boxer because he is a very hard worker, and he is very obedient.
What happened to Jesse and Bluebell’s puppies?
Napoleon took them to train them to be guard dogs.
Who was taking the milk?
The pigs.
Who was sent to explain why the milk was taken?
How was the news about the rebellion spread?
Messenger Pigeon.
Did Picklington and Frederick offer to help Jones at first?
No, they were trying to find a way that it could benefit them.
What was the name of the battle where Jones first tried to take the farm back?
The battle of Cowshed.