Animal Farm Finals Study Guide

Old Major
Creator of Animalism, died before revolution started; represents Karl Marx
Corrupt pig leader who took over, only cared about himself; represents Joseph Stalin
Exiled leader of the pigs after revolution; represents Leon Trotsky
Hard-working horse who dies from Napoleon betraying him because of him no longer working; sent to horse slaughterer; represents the Proletariat
Selfish horse who only cared about herself; represents Middle Class
Pig- Tried to make situation seem like that Napoleon did the right thing; represents Propaganda
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Mr. Jones
Corrupt leader before the Revolution, represents Tsar Nicholas
Raven- told of a place called Sugar Candy mountain which represents Utopia and represents religion
Educated who could read; represents educated working class
Retired horse who knew that Napoleon’s reign was wrong but did not do anything; represents Orwell and his own opinion
Propaganda to other countries
Russian industry
Represents England
Represents Germany
Destruction of Windmill
Failure of five year plan
Story seems to be something but it actually something else
What actually brought about the rebellion?
What actually brought the rebellion was the shortage of food and not being fed. Mr Jones was too drunk and he forgot to feed the animals one day, and in frustration the animals revolted.
What happened to the milk and apples? How did Squealer rationalize that?
The milk and apples were given to the pigs because Squealer explained how it gives brainpower
What was the Battle of the Cowshed?
The Battle of Cowshed was when Mr. Jones, Frederick, Pilkington, and several others helped him try to take back the farm from the animals. One kid was knocked out and fled later on (shows that animals had no intention to kill the farmers), and a sheep died in the battle, while the others retreated due to the ambush.
Describe the relationship between Napoleon and Snowball.
Napoleon and Snowball both are leaders yet they always disagreed. Disagreed because Napoleon always wanted it his way. Never wanted to admit that Snowball had good ideas.
What topic divided the animals? Which pig was for and which was against?
Weather or not to build a windmill. Snowball wanted to build it because it would give electricity and many other things for the animals. Napoleon was against it because he thought that it would take up to much work and there would not be enough food.
What changes did Napoleon make after kicking Snowball out?
Napoleon’s changes in the farm was he ended Sunday assemblies and he also made a group of pigs to answer any special questions. He also wanted all animals to sing the Beast of England every Sunday because they wanted the animals to believe that they were treated equally
What two maxims did Boxer adopt?
“Napoleon is always right” and “I will work harder”
Why did Napoleon in fact change his mind and decide to have the animals build the
He said that all along it was actually his idea and that Snowball stole it. He was only waiting to get Snowball out of the way so that there would not be any trouble
For what purpose did Napoleon begin trading?
Napoleon began trading because the farm was low in supplies and they only traded when it was necessary, things they could not produce themselves.
Why did the pigs say they had to move into the house?
The pigs moved into the house to sleep in the beds, good place to sleep to think
Who did Napoleon blame for the windmill disaster? Why?
He blamed Snowball. Napoleon said it was him because Snowball was always in favor of building the windmill.
Why did the hens have to give up their eggs?
So that they could sell them at the market. Later on rebelled about the eggs and gave up laying eggs. 400 eggs.
How has Snowball’s role been changed by the end of Chapter 6?
Used as excuse and is blamed for everything that goes wrong in Animal Farm, also known as scapegoat. (pg.78-79)
Why did Napoleon begin executing animals?
He started to execute the animals because some admitted that they were spies and was with an alliance with snowball. He also wanted to enstill fear in the animals and that he has full authority of the animals.
Whom did Boxer blame for the executions? What was his solution?
He blamed themselves and his solution is to work harder as his two maxims describe. No check of balance of power.
Why did the animals sing the “Beasts of England” song slowly and mournfully as they
were gathered on the knoll?
The Revolution did not make things better so they wanted daily life to improve.
Why was the singing of “Beasts of England” banned?
Singing Beasts of England banned cause it represented the revolution and the revolution is now over
In what ways has Napoleon set himself apart from the other animals?
He eats in a different room and get special treatment from the other animals.
How did Frederick cheat Napoleon?
Money was forged that Frederick gave to Napoleon for timber.
What moved the animals to attack Frederick and his men at the Battle of the Windmill?
The windmill exploding and getting destroyed by the humans.
Why was Comrade Napoleon “dying”?
Drinking of Alcohol, he pronounced the drinking of alcohol will result in death, but after he felt better he changed it to not drink alcohol to excess
What special treatment did pigs and piglets get?
They get to drink alcohol and no work because they all needed it to have a better government.
What happened to Boxer?
Boxer worked too hard and a few months later because he had to work harder on the windmill, so Napoleon wanted him to carry out. So Napoleon sent him to a horse slaughterer and had him killed there, but told the animals that he died in a hospital Boxer was overworking himself to rebuild the windmill. Boxer’s lungs got injured by dragging a boulder and did not have the strength to lift it.Was o.k. with injury because he was looking forward to retirement.
The animals on the farm worked hard. What was their consolation?
Their consolation was being proud that they are a member in the animal farm. They were the only farm operated by animals. All the animals were different compared to other farms.
What was Clover startled to discover?
Clover was startled to discover that the pigs were walking on their hind legs and they looked human like.
What commandment took the place of the Seven Commandments?
“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”
What did the other animals see when they looked in to the farmhouse?
When the other animals looked in the farmhouse, they could not tell the difference between the humans and pigs because the pigs became more like the humans.
Boxer’s fate in the novel symbolizes…
how cruelly the rulers use and exploit the working class
List the general steps towards creating a communist state. Then explain how Animal Farm follows these steps and explain in which ways it does not.
1. Period of Discontent
2. A Voice persuades others
3. Rebellion happens
4. Provisional government/ leader takes authority
5. People must adapt to the new ways
6. Leadership crumbles

Animal Farm’s allegory relates to the steps to a communist state to treat everyone equally. The Period of discontent was when Mr. Jones was in charge of the farm, whipping and abusing many animals. The Voice that persuades the other animals to rebel was Old Major. The Rebellion started because one night, Mr. Jones was too drunk and forgot to feed the animals. As a result, the animals broke out of their stalls and kicked Mr. Jones off the farm. The leaders that takes authority is Snowball and Napoleon, but Napoleon later on exiles Snowball off the farm. All of the animals except Muriel, who goes to another farm, adapts to the new work ways. However, Animal Farm never goes to step 6. They loop from steps 1-5 because in the ending of animal farm, the corrupt leaders (pigs) are still in power.

There were many upsetting or frustrating moments for the reader in the story. Identify and explain the moment for which you found the most upsetting and frustrating moment. In answering this question, remember to fully describe what happens and then discuss what universal truth Orwell conveys through this event.
In Animal Farm, Orwell conveys many depressing events relating to the Russian Revolution. One of the most frustrating and upsetting moments of the story was when Boxer was so exhausted that he could not perform anymore labor. As a result, Napoleon sent Boxer to a horse slaughterer, even though Napoleon said he would take him to the hospital. When Benjamin saw this, he recruited the other animals to see that Boxer was actually getting sent to the slaughterer. After Clover warned Boxer as the van was driving away, Boxer tried to break out of the truck with the rest of his power, but was too fatigue to break through. In this scene, Orwell conveys a feeling that the leaders of the Russian Revolution were corrupt and selfish. This scene also conveys how when the leaders have no use for someone, they would betray them and send them to their execution. As Boxer represents the proletariat and Napoleon represents the leader, many workers were likely to be betrayed if they did not work. Many workers of the proletariat were only cared for if they worked, as the same in Animal Farm. Propaganda was also used to cover a worker’s death, as how Squealer covered for Boxer’s death for the leader Napoleon. Joseph Stalin represents Napoleon, for both leaders exploit and use the working class, which is Boxer in the story. In summarized form, Orwell compares the many events in Animal farm and how it relates to the Russian Revolution. Leaders from both Animal farm and the Russian Revolution were corrupt, as they used their working class only for beneficial gains for themselves.