Anatomy and Physiology studies

The study of the shape and structure of an organisms body and the relationship of one body part to another
The study of how the body systems work and the way they are integrated in life and health of individuals
Anatomy and Physiology
branches of science that provide the foundation for understanding the body’s parts and functions
human development anatomy
embryology and developmental biology
the study of the first eight weeks of development
Developmental biology
the study of the complete development of an individual from fertilization of an egg to death
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microscopic level anatomy
cell biology and histology
cell biology
study of the cellular structure and functions
the study of the microscopic structure of tissues
organismic level anatomy
surface anatomy, gross anatomy, radiographic anatomy, systemic anatomy and regional anatomy
surface anatomy
the study of the external form of the body and its relation to deeper structures through visualization and palpation
gross anatomy
the study of structures that can be examined without a microscope
systemic anatomy
the study of the structure of specific systems of the body
regional anatomy
the study of the specific regions of the body
radiographic anatomy
study of body structures that can be visualized with xrays
subspecialties of physiology
neurophysiology, endocrinology, cardiovascular physiology, immunology, respiratory physiology, renal physiology, exercise physiology and pathophysiology
study of the functional properties of nerve cells
study of hormones and how they control body functions
cardiovascular physiology
study of functions of the heart and blood vessels
study of how the body defends itself against disease-causing agents
Respiratory physiology
study of functions of the air passageways and lungs
Renal physiology
study of functions of the kidneys
Exercise physiology
study of the changes in cell and organ functions as a result of muscular activity
study of the functional changes associated with disease and aging.