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Analyzing the argument surrounding Vicky and Ying Ying

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Analyzing the argument surrounding Vicky and Ying Ying, I do adhere to the arguments pointed out by Vicky concerning the capacity of crime mapping to be used as an instrument towards harnessing opportunities for resolving crime. Under this particular scenario, Ying Ying only asserts the corresponding threats of leakage and information breach that criminals can use in order to achieve their plans of action.

However, there are limited areas that explain how it can be harmful within the scope of policing.

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Seeing this, by actively providing minor adjustments in the process of crime mapping, information security, and analysis of data, the process can indeed be further utilized as a means to convey means to reach out in the causes of crime and the corresponding trends shaping individual or group behavior.

At the same time, the ability to outline specific means to categorize behaviors help law enforcement agencies to point out valid arguments concerning location, intent, and actions among criminals who operate in a particular location. This is important in developing key strategies on areas that can explore new directions towards encouraging citizens to become responsive to the needs of the community and participate in the crime-reduction process by utilizing new patterns related to crime fighting, communication, and information sharing within local authorities.