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Analyze the Letter Essay

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Douglas M. Stillwell
Vice President, Human Resources
Memorial Health Center

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Analyze the Letter Essay

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Stockton Falls, Ohio 43210

Dear Mr. Stillwell:

Please accept my application for the Assistant Administrator position that appeared in this month`s ACHE Job Bank. Recently I served as an Administrator in Training for Marion House Health Care Center (add where that is). As my attached resume describes, I worked with that organization from October 2005 to October 2006.

I am prepared to assume the greater management challenges at a larger health care facility like yours.  My experience during my association with Marion House Health Care Center, included planning, implementing and evaluating many of the facility`s programs and activities. I reported my observations and activities to my direct supervisor, the facility administrator.

Two of my academic courses proved especially useful while I served as administrator in training. The HSA 571 Medical Informatics Masters course gave me the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating health care information systems for the facility. HSA 685 Special Topics: Quality & Cost & Consumer Issues in Health Care Masters course helped me develop a better awareness of the concepts and emerging issues in quality, cost containment and the growth of consumerism in health care.

Thank you for all your time and consideration. Your listed position offers an ideal fit with my professional background and career goals. I would appreciate an opportunity to interview for the position. I will telephone at the end of the week to discuss this opportunity further.


Tejesh Patel, MHSA

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