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Analysis of Mc Donald’s Operations

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McDonald's is one of the best-known brands worldwide and Its core business being basically fast-food: it specializes in burgers (Big Mac) and fries. While other restaurants stick to their conventional menu will rarely innovate, McDonald's on the other hand has been able to adapt to the local demand in a global environment by catering their menu to the local taste. This continuous product innovation & improvement based on detailed market research has helped keeping the brand ahead of Its competitors and contributed to further enhance the existing reputation f the brand.

In order to have this competitive edge. McDonald's has taken some key measures to name a few along the years, namely: Aggressive market research to continuously adapt to the changing needs and tastes of its customer, for e. G. Seeking more food variety and gradually shifting towards healthier eating. Value added services to adapt to people's busy lives with great focus on convenience. More choice and better pricing strategy to ensure excellent value for money; for e. G. Extra value meals and combination of menus Process standardization and attention to details to ensure product quality In each and every outlets.

Mac Dona's business model has been built on a specific target population (working people, teenagers), I. E. Those in need for fast and inexpensive menu. Now with consumer's becoming more health focus, McDonald's asset could be turned into liability as McDonald's would be the last based on low-calorie-low-cholesterol menu.

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